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Monday, September 20, 2010

A craft update

I apologise for the lack of craftiness going on in this blog lately. I haven't been sewing much. With the colder months drawing nearer upon us (we've had to start putting on our jackets this week) I find myself leaning more towards my knitting recently..I've over-ambitiously casted on a few projects - a tweedy sweater for my man, a present for a certain someone whose birthday is coming up, something special for a new addition into the family ;) all requiring my precious and rare crafting time...

But I did manage to sew something just before raya - Mia's first baju kurung. You've probably seen it in our raya photos...but I'll put up some zoomed photos here...

To make the baju kurung I used the tutorial given generously on Made by Maya...thank you! I resized it only a little to fit Mia...the fabric is Anna Maria's gorgeous Little Folks voile (again! oh and probably again and again in the months to come. I don't plan on getting over this addiction very soon).

aaah the neckline. Handstitched, and using the traditional 'mata lalat' (or was it tulang belut?). Oh I have newfound appreciation for this old handstitching technique, it wasn't easy, I tell you. I found a grainy video online of some old makcik, teaching (very well!) how to do this stitch,..gosh I wish I'd bookmarked that video..

I forgot to blog about this tudung. Comel tak???? aaaaaa!!! so cute! handmade by Maksu (Taufik's auntie) Thank you maksu!!! nak pattern boleh? (don't know if she reads this blog though). Everytime she put this on i want to gobble her up..

doesn't she look extra chubby in this photo?? hehe...I'm already missing her second's dissapearing together with her other baby fat since she started getting mobile...


Nadia said...

Mia is definitely a total charm. Rasa nak peluk2!

Anonymous said...

hi kak Aida. i'm a silent reader for some years already now. anyway,
"something special for a new addition into the family ;)"

are you pregnant? *sorry if i mistook your sentence :D*

Melina said...

Great first attempt at making the baju kurung. Mia looks as cute as ever. I think the leher is a mata lalat. Tulang belut is very, very fine. Memang tak nampak the stitch from jauh.

It's the only thing I am determined to learn to make and I'll get a chance soon. My mum's coming with her cousin who made my girls' baju kurungs and I WILL learn how to make one complete with the tulang belut. My grandmother used to hand make mine when I little and I really want to do the same for my girls.

hada said...

a'a aida...pregnant??ke??hehe..just asking..

mia da bole jalan ke aida? cepat eh, as compared to my little hani..

tuty said...

it looks like mata lalat.. comel la mia.. sangat comel with the tudung.

dah bole jalan? cepat betul

aidafiqs adamia said...


silent reader,
oops...didn't mean it that way. not my baby...hehe

can you teach me when you learn it? the video that i learned this one from is titled 'tulang belut' but i do suspect it is actually mata lalat, because i think tulang belut uses that blanket stitch somewhat..mixed with more intricate design..

not yet..she's just standing..takut nak melangkah lg..and no, i'm not pregnant ;)

blom2...standing je tu..

Unknown said...

dot, selamat hari raya! how's ur raya there? lame tak borak ngan ko..this baju kurung adelah sgt cute ok! especially when mia's in it! ;)


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