Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting hooked on crocheting

I apologise for the lack of updates. Been away in Kent, bracing the chill. I'll update on that when I have some photos.

Today I'll write about our Autumn Festival, which happened a long while back, autumn :) There were a lot of activities..baking apples pies, animals from the farm for the kids, pottery, folk dancing etc...

baking apple pies

adam and friends doing craft

The boy in the photo, Luca, we met there at the festival. He's six, and very sweet. He played with Adam the whole day. While they were on the crafting table, he made a lovely little card for Adam.

the front of the card says 'fren' with a drawing of himself and Adam

and the inside says ' Diy mdam I fik you or the boose from Luka'. I asked him to read it and he said ' Dear Adam, I think you are the best, from Luka' . isn't that the sweetest thing? I have it hanging on the wall in the kitchen until now.

At the festival I took the opportunity to learn to crochet. A few ladies were teaching people to crochet. They even provided the yarn and hooks. I think the lady who taught me only knew the basics, but it was enough. I started a hat that day...

..but only finished it recently! which is why this entry is written today, months after the Autumn Festival :) The actual crocheting didn't take very long at all, but I only crochet few stitches at a time, in between my knitting. Crochet is quite addictive too. Recently I borrowed a book from the library to learn more about crochet and made this:

comel tak baby chick?

this is the hat I learnt to make from the Autumn Festival

mia hates hats though...she only allows me to put a hat on her when it's really cold..

crochet ckp melayu ape ye.....?


angah sam said...

crochet ckp melayu = mengait. hehe..yg saya pakai la.

kat msia ni tak best nye, crochet hook ade size kecik je, so nak buat ape2 pn tbatas sket, sbb kat u tube byk ajar pakai crochet hook yang besar2..huhu..

knitting needles pn xde jual..sedih betol pakai lidi sate je mule2 tu. pastu baru pesan kat adik ipar yg belaja kat jerman..

Zaila Mohamad said...

hidung Mia merah, chomel!!

ummi said...

mia n ayam kicik comel...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Aida, aku pon tgh teringin nak puas aku cari crochet hook kat sini x de fingers are itching to crochet but hv to wait for my hook from oz...since ko dah advance blh la ajar aku nanti..hehe


E`n1x said...

my mom prefers crochet over knitting too =)

Ms J said...

my mom ckp crochet jer....crochet yg gune single needle tu kan aida...bestnye u...already know hwo to knit...and one fine day...nk blajar dr u la...i tried to learn from the net and book...still cannot get it...i already bought 2 yarns and a pair of knitting xbuat2...shame betul...try dpt buat yg awal2..pastu no idea how to make it one piece...:P...

Anonymous said...

Crochet in Malay is Kait satu jarum, knitting pulak Kait 2 Jarum - there's book from utusan publishing (kalo tak silap) yg guna istilah tersebut.

I pon crochet separuh jalan jer. Hahaha.. Penat la, too slow. Jahit jugak yg best. By an hour dah siap satu projek - sungguh la x sabar nya saya ini.. Heheheh


aidafiqs adamia said...

angah sam,
i had no idea kat msia takde jual jarum knitting/crochet. I guess I will have to stock up on needles before we go home for good..btw, the small crochet needles you can make beautiful intricate lace with, if you have the patience for it.(i probably don't)

zaila and ummi,
thank you!

aku tak pandai pun lagi. baru buat basic. The hat was made patternless, senget benget jadinye. but it's ok, who's checking, right?

lily, jugak..

ms J,
making it into one piece will depend on the pattern you're following. senang je once you know the basics..

(does that mean you love needlework too?) yes..sewing pun best jugak...thank you, oh senang je ye..kait satu jarum dan kait 2 jarum..hehe..makes sense.

jahitbynadia said...

i think i should try buat hat jugakla...i belajar crochet from internet n books...tapi semua buat projek kecik2 jer...

Dulu i pernah belajat knitting, tapi buat satu project jer..lepas tu dah giveup sbb sibuk sangat..tapi bila tengok u buat cardigan berbagai..rasa semangatla pulak..:)

jahitbynadia said...

sorry..actually i want to ask..what size of hook that u use to crochet the hat?


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