Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Knit, London

Why is it I always 'blog' inside my head and not on the computer and then before I know it there's a backlog of unwritten entries unpublished? Oh well. Let's just get on with the entry before my cheeky daughter wakes up from her nap and I finish the entry in my head again..

One of the things I love most about living in London is that the city never fails to surprise me. After 2 years, we are still constantly discovering new things to do and new places to go. I realise that London has plenty of beautiful local yarn shops, but I normally do my yarn shopping online or on Oxford/Regent Street. But I have since discovered that there are plenty of other cozy charming shops, and that a lot of knitters travel a long long way just to visit these shops. So I made a point to visit one of these shops. I didn't really go to buy any yarn, just to stare and oooh and aahh and fondle the gorgeous yarns. Even if you're not a knitter, I'm sure the sight of these beauties might be quite inspiring.

This is the shop. I knit London. Small, but very popular in London.

This specialty yarn is made out of buffalo hair! Can you believe that? Somewhere on the underbelly of the buffalo, i think? It is quite soft! And, it costs about 35 quid a pop! I suppose it would cost quite a lot...afterall buffalos don't have that much hair...

gorgeous colours...i wish i can decorate my home with yarn like this...but my kids love to play with them too! (they call them ball, or snake, or 'mommy bag knitting')

This yarn is very rare! with stainless steel. I can't believe I missed this! I didn't realise it was there so didn't get to feel the yarn..My husband was the one who took this photo...

Oh man this is the stuff...I've been eyeing this yarn from The Natural Dye studio for a very long time. It's 100% silk and just soooo beautiful and soft (also so expensive).

I came home with a magazine on light spring knitting and some needle blocker. And a bucket full of inspiration. Anybody want to join me go to their knitting group?


angah sam said...

bestttt nye..i wish malaysia have this kind of shop jugak..huhu..kat sini benang jenis minlon je la yg ade..tak best..

Anonymous said...

I saw iknitLondon at Camp Bestival last year, when they were kind enough to let me sit in their marquee and sew my patchwork quilt! (I couldn't get over their prices then, either!!)
I'm glad you had a lovely trip out, and really enjoy reading your blog. Fostermummy X

Ernie Khairina said...

u love london so much =)
sedih nak tinggalkan london.

ok aida try to wear oversize belt with your big fair isle..and skirt on bottom.

adrianathani said...

I never did make it there! But there was this one place off Carnaby St that was so cute and quaint.

I can't wait for this semester to be over already so I can knit again!

aidafiqs adamia said...

so when i open my yarn shop full of lovely yarn will you promise to come and knit with me?

that does sound rather nice of them. i am enjoying your blog too, i love your frugal lifestyle!

it's ok..msia pun best looking forward to meeting people and the beaches and lakes and rivers! for now we enjoy this place as much as possible..i have an entry coming up about the british museum that i think you'll enjoy..

now that you mention it i feel like i read about the shop from ysolda's you remember the name of the shop?what yarn do you knit with?is it easy to find natural fiber yarn in msia?

adrianathani said...

The place I went is called "All The Fun of The Fair" :)

Depending on what I'm making, I knit with all sorts of yarn. Acrylic for toys, wool or cotton for garments. I've yet to knit with my silk-blends (I'm scared!). It's not easy to find any kind of yarn in Malaysia, unfortunately :( I buy most of my yarn on trips overseas.

Best yarn-buying memory: Liberty in London. Sigh...dream come true...

angah sam said...

yesss of course! hehe.. :) i'll love to ;)

aidafiqs adamia said...

i will look it up. thanks!liberty is great but their yarn collection doesn't go much beyond rowan these days. i love their buttons and fabric though.hmm maybe i need to stock up on yarn before i go home for good...

consider it a date :)

envime said...

hi kak, saya silent reader blog ni. seronoknya tengok akak knitting. cantik2 semuanya. and your kids are adorable!


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