Friday, July 1, 2011

Lavender pillows

I have been looking for ways to protect my precious woolies from the dreaded urm, creature (wool m*th) especially now that it's summer and bugs are crawling out of nowhere..I'm certain that I don't want to use m*th balls, I mean come on, the smell of m*th balls on yarn is probably worse than actually having the creatures eating up my yarn. I came upon the wonderful fact that lavender is great for warding off m*ths with the smell.

So I got a kilo's worth of loose dried lavender from this shop. Pretty cheap, especially when it arrived about as big a bag as a basketball.

and then I sewed up a stack of little lavender pillows. Using just whatever little scraps of fabric in my scrap bag.

To make a lavender pillow is really simple. Just cut up 2 pieces of scraps into a shape - circle, rectangle, square, triangle, heart, whatever you fancy - and sew them up leaving a little hole. Here I've made it simpler by using a pair of pinking shears to cut the shape (just free-hand the shape, no one is going to check if your square leans to the right) and just top-stitch around, leaving a gap. Use the gap to fill with lavender, and when finished, sew up the gap. Takes less than half an hour to make a few pillows from cut to finish.

The smell is divine. Initially I just needed them for my wool stash, but because I have extra, I scattered them around the house - living room, under the pillows (lavender is great for relaxing and helps with sleeping too) - and now the whole house smells wonderful. I'm thinking they would be great in the closet, underwear/sock drawer, shoe rack too, don't you think?


dd said...

salam aida.. can u email me.. i nak tanye u sumthing la.. thnx :)

dd said...

ooppss.. my email

aidafiqs adamia said...

my email address is

MK said...

oh my..i wonder how much that will cost in malaysia aida! haha.

Tiffany said...

Very cute and attractive pillows for decorating. Thank you for sharing. Keep it up.


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