Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I *heart* Terengganu

We're having some quiet days here in this house. The kids and the daddy have caught a nasty virus. Lots of cuddling, sleeping, sponging, resting around here since last week. But we did have a nice short get-away early last week when my husband was out-station in Terengganu.

Enjoy the pictures!

The view was so beautiful, masya Allah. The ocean water is blue, now that monsoon season is over..

my girl having lots of fun in the sand

collecting pine cones to decorate their sand castles

when she was done she announced "Good at this!" I noticed recently whenever she accomplished something new (like learning to use the water dispenser on her own, or using the toilet and water faucet) she declares quietly to herself 'good at this!'. What a brilliant method of building one's own confidence. I think I might take that up myself.

aahhhh knitting at the beach with kids around me busy making their castles. Such bliss! I seriously wish I lived there...

Amazing rocks at Pantai Kemasek. In the picture we were pretending to be dangerous barnacle collectors :) - like in BBC Human Planet.

This beach is awesome...there are lots to discover - snails, crabs, seashells...

hope we can come here again...


Anonymous said...

Dear Aida,

We met at the restaurant during breakfast.

Yes, kemasik is cantik.
I pun dok harap2 that I ada peluang pegi keje sana lagi.
Nice meeting you, Aida.

Unknown said...

terengganu mmg best! hahahah... puji negeri kelahiran skettt......

anak2 pun riang ria boleh main pasir...:)


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