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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Homeschooling trip to UPM Edupark

Last week, some homeschooling families got together for a trip to UPM Edupark. It is just 20 mins from our place. I was not expecting much, but..look at this..

What a gorgeous place! We took a farm truck to go in, and all of a sudden it was like we were transported to a different world..and it is beautiful.

I am blown away by the beauty of this place.

As breathtaking as New Zealand, right here at our doorstep.

We went to the cow milking place. I was hoping for handmilking but apparently these days cows are milked with electric pumps! similar to breastpumps actually. UPM students do handmilk these cows still for educational purposes. (how fun their courses must be!) I dream one day to own our own cow for milking. Fresh unprocessed milk everyday! I can make cheese! butter! cream! soap! hehe...wishful thinking but who knows, right.

The kids get to feed the baby calfs. The smell of fresh milk is amazing - delicious, fresh, sweet. It was not what I imagined the smell would be. Different than the milk you purchase at supermarkets. We went to their mart to purchase some fresh milk but they've run out quick. There is a high demand and you can only get them in the morning, 3 days a week. Very dissapointed. I will go again insyaallah early morning to get some milk.

After the cows, we went to see some deers. Cute baby deer here named Tin. The other deers are wild creatures and shy away from human contact. But Tin is quite friendly.

Male deers grow new antlers every year. The old ones drop like these.

Next we went to see the horses. Horse riding for the kids! The horses here are well cared for and it shows. They look very beautiful and healthy. Shiny hair and muscly.

Kids had fun feeding carrots to the horses.

It was a nice trip. Will go back again for the milk ;)


Unknown said...

macam mana nak masuk ke sana eh?

aidafiqs adamia said...

I did not organise this so I don't know the details but you can contact upm edupark...

Aishah Megahasz said...

Menarik. Anak2 mesti seronok kalau bawa ke sini.

mirah said...

Haha org upm pun blm pg lg ni..
Btw, mmg byk tnpt best dlm upm ni. Kami biasa juga bawa anak2 pg tasik, padang, pusat ekuin etc.

Blh tgk link edupark ni

Nadialias said...

please update more on your homeschooling progress.. such an inspiration to mommies like me.

Anonymous said...

aida i hope you're okay with the kids and le hubby. it's been almost a year now :)

Unknown said...

ya Aida, i wanna know more! u inspired me!

Unknown said...

sorry i pakai account hubby i, I am Diyana :)

Unknown said...

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Hayalan said...

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