Friday, May 25, 2007

Baby kicks

For the past week I’ve been feeling as though I could feel my baby move inside my belly. But at first I could only feel them when I’m lying down quietly with both my hands on my tummy. The movements are so soft and brief that I thought I was only imagining them. But lately it has occurred more frequently so I asked my husband to try and put his hands on my tummy too whenever I thought the baby might be kicking. He felt it too! So it wasn’t just my imagination!

Now I think I’m able to recognise the movement even when I’m moving about doing normal things. I can differentiate it from other things going on inside the tummy like gas or constipation (ok you didn’t need to know about that huh). The size of my tummy has doubled up in the past couple of weeks so I suppose the baby has gotten bigger too. The kicking has increased in frequency and impact. Most of the time it’s at the lower part of the belly, on the righthand side. I’m assuming the legs are there..probably? Sometimes I feel it kicking at work, while watching tv, or even while sleeping. One time, I was sleepy in the morning n malas nak get up for my subuh prayers, tiba2 baby kick byk2 kali betul! Wow mcm perli Mummy dia je? Hehehe..nak kejut subuh kot..alhamdulillah rajin solat agaknya my baby ni..hehe

The feeling I get when I first felt the baby kick is very difficult to explain. It’s an excitement unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. At first it’s more of disbelief, mcm tak caya je betul2 something living inside of looks so small. After some time mmg excited gila bila rasa baby gerak, although I think my husband dah bored already of my asking him to hold my tummy whenever I feel something..hehe..But I don’t think I can ever get bored with it. Kalau dia kick je I feel like the baby is telling me something. Like last time I was watching American idol and baby keep kicking wildly whenever Blake sings, but not when Jordin sings. Maybe it’s a sign of protest la? Tak sedap sgt ke Blake nyanyi Baby?haha..mmg tak sedap pun..your Daddy je yg suka Blake..hehe

I’m reaching my 5 months milestone. Can’t wait for my next appointment so I can see my baby again!


Anonymous said...

bila baby kicking adalah satu benda paling best kan.. the only way we can communicate dgn dia.

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes, true. guessing what the baby is saying is a fun game (for now, taktaula kalau dah kicking somersault sume esok fun lagi ke tak..hehe)


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