Monday, May 28, 2007


Strangely, or should I say fortunately, I so far have not had any crazy cravings or ckp melayunya mengidamla kan. However, I have developed rather weird eating habits. Masa mula2 pregnant dulu, mostly food with the least smell is my choice, but this one tak weirdla, because of the nausea. Also, somehow my tongue had a slightly elevated tolerance to hot/spicy food. I read that expecting mothers should avoid spicy food in their diet but somehow makanan yg pedas2 tu yg boleh tolerate.

After a while my nausea got less and less and I developed a new habit. If given the choice I’d settle for only a particular sort of food. At lunch we’ll go to the usual kedai makcik, and I’ll always order the same thing; mee goreng. At dinnertime my husband would ask what I would like to eat tonight and my answer is always the same; bihun tomyam. I keep repeating this day after day. I got worried my baby won’t get the needed vitamins/protein etc because there was no variety at all to my diet, plus I realise how boring it is to eat the same thing day in and day out. But again come mealtime, and I just could not think of anything else appetizing. Lately, I started wanting rojak ayam from mamak repeatedly, which I never would’ve ordered before I got pregnant. There was also one phase when I wanted to eat Mcdonald’s double cheese and fries all the time, which is peculiar because my husband and I tak pernah pegi mkn Mcdonalds even since our dating days, unless mmg dah takde food lain.

Another weird thing is my pregnant appetite seems to avoid fried rice. Before this kat kedai makcik tu I would order its special “nasi goreng biasa” which is so sedap that I’ve influenced my colleagues and boss at work until diorg yg mengidam this nasi goreng. But now I never order it anymore, or any other types of fried rice from any other kedai. Usually if I’m somewhere else without access to usual mee goreng or bihun tomyam, I’ll order some other type of noodle or western food, but no rice.

Ada jugak teringin mkn other food, but these are just food that I mmg suka mkn, bukan sbb mengidam, I think, because if I don’t get them pun, no problem, takdelah menangis2 tgh mlm tak dpt aiskrim perasa durian belanda ke..things like that kan. Yg ada is just food yg mengada nak mkn.

One time I wanted durian, so a few times my husband got them for me. I ate a lot of them too before I found out pregnant ladies are not encouraged to eat durian. My gynea told me, boleh mkn, but sederhana la, maybe seulas dua? Ooops, I’ve eaten at least sebijik durian by myself in one sitting. Itu tak kire the next day makan lagi sebijik. But I heard you shouldn’t eat it because of the high temperature you get after eating durian, so my reasoning is since I was lucky that I had no problems with temperature rising, takpelah kot? (my husband said alah ayang ni ckp camtu sbb nak mkn lagila tu durian..hehe).

One time I wanted to eat Chinese food. We rarely get Chinese food here, but in the UK we used to go to this halal Chinese restaurant all the time. Tapi mcmana nak gi Sheffield ni? I remembered when I was little my father used to take us to this really good Chinese restaurant (To my brother: Imi, ingat tak kedai ni, Muhibbah ke apa nama dia, ada lift utk hantar food ke tingkat atas). I asked my dad but since his sickness his memory is rather rusty. His old self would’ve remembered the restaurant immediately together with how to get there, and with shortcuts, probably. Finally my husband took me to another restaurant, suggested by a friend.

Satu je yg blom dapat lagi…terubuk bakar..Anybody knows kat mana ada jual?

Other than these, adalah jugak teringin itu ini but takdelah yg desperate. I just want to write them down for fun in case later when my Baby grows up I could check whether his/her eating habits have any similarities with the food I eat/crave when carrying. I must say though that the amazing thing with being pregnant is that everyone around me seems to pay a lot of attention to whatever I say I want to eat. Everyone keep handing me food and trying to feed me. Sebut je apa dpt..hehe..Lucky me. Lucky you also, Baby, because you get to eat what I eat =)


DBI said...

paksalah ur hubby pi cari..
kata lautan api nak harung..kacang jer cari terubuk bakar tu..

aidafiqs adamia said...

ala dbi,ni teringin mkn yg saje2..
bukan mengidam betul..hehe
cian lak cik abg kene cari terubuk bakar..

nampaknye kene masak sendiri kot ni...

Anonymous said...

alamakkk..x sure la..slalu mkn ape ha kedai tu? kuey tiow ke?rasenye kedai tu dah tak wujud lagi kot

aidafiqs adamia said...

mkn lauk2..
butter prawn la contohnya yg ingat lg..
faeiz ngan acah pun ngaku diorg ingat..

Anonymous said...

bestnye kat semenanjung bole makan macam2. kita kat miri xbole nk makan apa pon :(

aidafiqs adamia said...

a'ah kan mmg tak sedap makanan kat Miri.

tapi, ada satu kedai jual roti john yg sedaaaap sgt dekat dgn Mega Hotel.takleh dpt kat semenanjung (i looked everywhere)

Unknown said...

aida, terubuk bakar pegi kat Jalan Bellamy blkg istana tu.mmg byk ikan bakar, ko pilih je la ikan ape ko nak..


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