Friday, January 25, 2008


latest photo of our cute little baby

Recently Adam developed a strange and endearing habit. He loves to “read” the safety warning sticker at the side of his car seat. He does it so many times during any journey he has in the car. Sometimes even when he has started to cry (from boredom) he could suddenly become silent and preoccupied with reading the sticker. We both found it so funny. Look at this;

Adam reading his favourite sticker

I am puzzled as to why he is so attracted to the sticker. First I thought it might be because it has a bright yellow colour. But he also has many toys hanging over the top of his head (attached to the car seat handle). These toys are very colourful and interesting looking, with many bright yellow parts. If the colour is what is attracting him to the sticker, then how come he is not as interested in the toys as he is to the sticker? The toys can only hold his attention for a few minutes, after which he would start to get bored again unless Mommy/Daddy tells a story with the toys while moving them rapidly at the same time.

Adam's colourful car-seat buddies

Yesterday I read that the colours that is most attractive to babies and toddlers are RED, BLACK, and WHITE. These are the colours recommended for learning materials such as flash cards. The colours help babies to concentrate and focus, and can also calm them when they are bored. I didn’t know this. I’m under the impression that the more colours there are the more fascinating it is for the baby. But this had me thinking; is that why Adam is so attracted to the sticker? If you look carefully, the other colours in the sticker besides yellow are RED, BLACK, and WHITE. So I tried a little experiment yesterday in the car.

I took out a simple used paper from Daddy’s laptop bag. It was a map to some place that Daddy printed out on white A4 paper. Of course the colour combination in this used paper is plain BLACK, and WHITE. I presented it in front of Adam, and guess what? He was ENTRANCED! Just a simple A4 paper with a map of Shah Alam on it. He suddenly smiled as though I gave him a lovely little new toy.

That really got me to rethink. All this while, I thought I should get him fancy expensive toys, when something as simple as this could make him happy! I have a new project in mind; to make him homemade flashcards using RED, BLACK, and WHITE. Since these are very easily available colours, it should this project should be simple. Let’s hope it’s not “hangat-hangat taik ayam” only ok.

Other moms out there, pls give me your feedback, do you all experience the same thing with your babies? I mean with the colours. Is it true that babies are more attracted to these colours?


ellyWong said...

yup aida. kakak elly siap buatkan yang benda2 gantung kat cot tu sendiri. all black n white. she told me that vision baby skang ni mmg nampak that colour most.

ellyWong said...

baby skang ni refer tu age baby tu laa.. bukan baby zaman skang. takut terconpius.. huhu

Anonymous said...

yes..babies at adam's age love black and white (especially stripes)and these colours enhance their vision. Got this from "how to have a smarter baby" (forgot the author)..and you can start teaching adam to read asap...the golden age to teach baby to read is from 0-4 years old..most people have misconception that kids should learn to read at kindergarten..this is not have the ability to read but the letters must be big enough for their developing eyes to read (got this from "how to teach your baby to read") son (15months now) pointed to his nose when he saw the word 'nose' (made by me using A4 paper with red letters on it..about 10 cm size)

Anonymous said...

specifically for newborns, yup, its RBW. however at 10 months, my daughter interest to flash cards of red words/ red dots seems to lasts only a few seconds ;P

Anonymous said...

true enuff!

hafiy sgt excited bila dapat keping kertas RBW (gift from enfamama club) - ada gambar lebah so kitorang pggl MR. Bee. dia xde mainan gantung2, just menatang tu je. tp benda tu enough utk preoccupied dia.

lg satu kalo abiy dia pakai baju merah mmg dia suka sgt.

& bila i bacakan buku yg ada kaler2 kat dia, dia xinterested pon, tp kalo i baca buku (baca sambil baring2 ngan dia) yg ada tulisan black & white je, mmg dia seronok giler.

jom2 wat flashkad. jadi working mom yg gigih, xduk umah pon bole ajar babies! jom!!! [but dont think im that rsjin, beli je senang ;p]

babynadhrah said...

yup auntie aida!! it's true... i can see why adam is so interested with those colours, because at his age those are the most contrast colours that he can see... i'm fascinated by those colours too.. i like it so much when umi wears her red-white Man U baby-T or black-white reebok baby-T.. i just couldn't stop staring and grasping at it..

iL4na said...

try tgk anakku flash aunt got me the set of flashcards with baju newborn. very nice. HQ loves it since he was born. i put it around his cot so that dia bangun or tido boleh tgk. but now he seems to SEE more colorful stuff..especially bright yellow MR LION and all other toys. even FOOD! abes semua dimakannnya hehehe.

Anonymous said...

hehe.. totally agree.. colours start with red, black and white, then bright colours.. they only recognise pastels at around 8 months...

Babies are also born with an inherent ability to count. Interesting kan?. Simple experiment: Sit facing adam, then put one of his favourite soft toys infront of him. Next, put up a screen (it could be anything, a big book, a piece of cardboard etc)and add another toy from the side of the screen, making sure he sees u doing this. Lift the screen and he sees 2 toys. He knows things are they way they should be and he carries on as usual. Next, repeat the entire experiment again, but after adding the toy from the side, add one more from behind the screen (make sure he doesn't see you doing this). As soon as you lift the screen, the sight of 3 toys instead of 2 should catch his attention. Which proves that babies know 1 + 1 should be = 2. ;-P

Another interesting thing to try out is signing to ure baby. We started signing to Ayesha when she wa around 6 months old. She was able to sign back when she was around 9 months. ultra cool!

iL4na said...

kak fifah, sign camne tu? would love to learn some if u could share us some tips.=)

aidafiqs adamia said...

what a great idea making your own hanging toys..wonder if i can do it too...hmmm...

wife zyede, erk..sape nama you ek..ala..i know you..we met kat utp kan...masa you ngan zyede tgh bercinta lagi..hehe..
kat mana you beli those books..boleh gak i refer..

anonymous, at this early stage la ye those colours attact them..

jomla kite wat flashcard..ade geng semangat sket..hehe..flascards made with love and passion..fuh..

nadrah cute,
tq for the tip both you and your ummi wears babies clothing sweet..hehe..

menarik jugak ye kalau ade jual flashcards with those case project buat flashcard i tak jalan!! hehe..

kak fifah,
really?? i must try that experiment with Adam...a'ahla..teach us la how to sign with your baby..i read about it but dia tak ajar lak how to do ti..nanti i ajar Adam then boleh Adam and Ayesha bersign language kat umah ibu nanti...hehe..pening je ibu tgk karang....haha..

why don't you start a blog? afterall, you're the founder of LOWPUMA...hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

aida i bought flashcard from here. A4 size



Anonymous said...

yeah...I attest to black and white. dulu2 when my baby was younger (now dah nak masuk 10 months), we were worried that he wasn't responding to things in front of him at about 3-4 months (i think)...macam tak nampak la. then ada doctor kata dia kena pakai glasses la itu la ini la. then we went for a second opinion, dia suruh stimulate his vision with black and white stripes. so we had that in his crib.

alhamdulillah he's fine.


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