Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mommy's Birthday

I had my first birthday as a Mommy last week. I had so much fun!

Daddy and Adam planned a surprise holiday get-away for Mommy’s birthday. All I knew was we were going somewhere, so we packed our bags but I had no clue where we were going. Coincidentally Adam’s babysitter also asked for a couple days off, so it was perfect timing for us to take a few days leave. Off we go in the morning, the day before my birthday. Guess where we went?

A Famosa Resort!

I was surprised to see there are so many interesting things to do there! It’s perfect for a family holiday. We were soo excited and couldn’t wait to get started. In the evening, all three of us jumped into the bathtub full of warm bubbles. Bestnye…After that cepat2 siap to go to Cowboy Town for the night.

3 of us at the Cowboy Town

The best part of the Cowboy Town was the shows! They had the Red Indian Show and Animal Parade. The show started around 8.30pm and ended at around 10pm which was way past Adam’s bedtime but he didn’t care. He watched in fascination and didn’t get cranky at all! The red Indians played with fire, eat fire and blew fire out of their mouths! So many animals paraded through; camels, horses, birds, chicken, tigers..i’ve lost count. Some of the animals tried to walk towards the audience including the tiger! Uwaa!! Dahla we were seated in the first row. In the end there was a huge fireworks display. It was really amazing to watch and also a tad scary for me..hehe.. but Adam enjoyed it so much. Mata dia ikut jer all the animals jln from right to left. He didn’t appear scared at all. If I let him he would’ve petted the tigers, I think.

tgkla mata Adam sibuk tgk show

At 12 am my husband woke me up to wish me happy birthday. He gave me roses and a cheese cake. romantic =)

The next day we went to the Animal Safari. Ada byk shows gak. First we saw the Elephant Show. The elephants can play basketball and football, can draw, can give people massages, etc. Wah, these elephants are well trained.

Adam and Daddy tak takut elephant

tgkla muka Adam tu..lawak je

Then we took the caged tour bus around the safari. The bus is caged because all the animals aren’t! They are all just lounging happily as if it’s Africa. We saw lions, crocodiles, rusa, kijang, giraffes, tigers, seladang, bears etc. Ada jugak areas for less terrifying animals like rabbits, tapir, ponies, emu. There’s animal food there so you can feed these animals. Then at the Bird Show I got another pleasant surprise. Couple of the bird can sing Happy Birthday so the MC asked who’s celebrating their birthday today. Turned out I was the only one. As a gift, they asked me to stand with my arms out and suddenly out of nowhere birds came and eat out of my hands! Waaa! It was incredible! Lps tu terus makcik2 taiwan who were there sang me happy birthday also when we passed them in the safari. Adam also attracted a lot of attention with his sunglasses.

Birds on my hands

selambe je Adam tido..

Adam panas dah bukak baju

The next day pegi waterpark pulak. Adam tak boleh mandi cos he hates cold water! So he just sleep under a shade while Mommy and Daddy run around like kids.

at the waterpark

Finally, a kiss for Daddy for making Mommy's birthday the best one ever!



Anonymous said...

waaa bestnya bday u nyer celebration! haha. bila ntah ada orang nkwat suprise bday party kat i nih. isk isk isk.

ellyWong said...

tgk gambar mmg mcm best! rasa nak join jerr. haii.. biler laa boleh holiday ni.. huhuhu...

aidafiqs adamia said...

best2..hehe..bila ur birthday?nnt i hint kat sape2 yg patut...huhu

eh..australia kan ke lagi byk tmpt nak berjalan..boleh tgk kangaroo, ye tak?hehe

in a couple of months elly/yasir pun boleh bawak "baby kangaroo" kat dlm pouch kat dpn..mcm taufik bwk Adam..hehe

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

those shows yg u pegi tgk is only over the weekend ker weekdays pun ade?
what was the crowd like? ramai tak org?

aidafiqs adamia said...

i pegi mase tu weekdays. crowd tak ramai, mostly are only foreigners je.i think weekends weekdays pun pun ade shows. but personally i think kalau shows mcm ni byk sket crowd pun ok, meriah sket...hehe. plus babies respond tgk the other children main2/pegang2/lompat2 etc with the animals =)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

so overall shows sume was good ek? sbb my hubby cam serik gi cuti2 malaysia punye theme park and all sbb we went up to genting last year...and most of the rides sume kaput...less than 50% bleh naik, tu die cam have the mentality, any theme park sume not well maintain = not worth going...hihi

btw, where did u stay? do u mind if i ask wats the room rate like?

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes the shows were good but takde theme park pun. i think there's supposed to be a small children theme park but it was closed. i wouldn't say they are very well maintained either but i still think it's worth going. if only for the shows. and the animal park is great especially for kids..

we stayed at the AFamosa Resort itself..they have condos and bungalows too. i don't know what the room rate is because my husband paid for it (birthday surprise) and refuse to tell me =)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

yah, i look up the net. the bunglow sounds cool sbb ade private pool...bile lagi nk ade peluang pakai bikini..hahah

but smallest is with 4 bedroom...too big for just the 4 of us.

thanks for the info anyway


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