Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Adam @ 4 months

- He’s become really talkative! Oh dear! In the mornings, especially, when Mommy and Daddy are still trying to sleep. Pok, pek, pok, pek. The tones of his voice suggest he’s telling some sort of story. Sambil tu tangan tepuk kiri kanan kejutkan both of us. He also talks when he’s upset, when he wants something, when he’s sleepy and couldn’t sleep etc. Wah byknye Adam ckp skarang ni. Mcm gaya org membebel pun ade gak kadang..haha. Mmg lawak la tgk dia sembang. Layaaan jelah..Apa yg dia ckp tu mesti ada meaning. We just have to figure out his language. Contoh; kalau dia bebel kat Daddy ‘Where’s mommy??” nanti once mommy show up dia pun senyap la. Kalau dia bebel sbb nak soh angkat dia, nanti bila kite angkat dia senyapla.

- He laughed for the first time! Masa tu dia tgh merajuk/moody so I tried to distract him by playing with him with my scarf. The scarf is made of really soft silky material so I simply throw it on his face, dangle it over his head, main cak2 etc. Dia pun tersenyum2 gembira. Sekali tibe2 dia gelak-gelak. Byk kali. Waaa it was the sweetest sound. Comelnye Adam gelak…

- The scarf has somehow become his favourite toy. Infact, his only toy. The other toys we bought him semua dia tanak main. Dia saje buat muka tak interested. But the scarf, tgh bad mood ke tgh happy ke..tak kire la…it will make him smile..

Adam and his (Mommy's!) favourite scarf

- Adam suka ber*k duduk. Don’t know where he picked up this habit. Takmo ber*k baring/berdiri. Now that dia dah byk ckp so dia pun pokpek2 la until one of us sit him up. Once dah dpt duduk, terus tak buang masa dia pun poop. Hish..pelik betul la Adam ni…mcm dah besar sgt je..

- He has started rolling. Hurray! I know he can do it easily but refuses to do it when asked. He’ll only do it if Mommy and Daddy leave him alone and he gets a little lonely. To get our attention he’ll roll around, menyondol and talk talk talk!

- I know he’s still a little baby and probably doesn’t have too much of a vocabulary but I swear he knows what I say to him! Whenever I fake an angry/high tone with him he starts to frown and cry! And he loves it when I pujuk2 him balik…haha. Bak kata Daddy, Adam ni luar je nampak mcm bonzer tapi dlm sensitive tu…hehe. Baby pun ade perasaan tau…jgn nak main marah je…

- He loves watching TV. I regret to inform that he gets this from me. I’m a tv lover and now my son pun suka tgk tv. He gets bored easily when playing with his play gym but with tv the colours/sounds are always changing so dia lebih interested. Err…this is bad…right?

- He loves making a splash in his little bathtub…bathing him every morning is such a delight..

Adam lounging in his tub

- Adam suka berdiri. Kalau kita pegang dia, dia mesti nak push kaki dia so that he’ll be in standing position. Boleh tahan lama lak tu kaki dia berdiri. Siap gerak2 nak jalan kedepan. Mommy Daddy yg penat nak pegang..hehe.

- Another favourite hobby of his is putting into his mouth everything that crosses his path. Most often this would be his fingers, of course.

yummy tau, Mommy...

- Kalau org pegang dia, dia tak suka tgk muka kite, dia suka tgk kiri kanan. Sibuk je tgk keliling. Kalau mommy pegang dia, dia sibuk cari daddy. Kalau daddy pegang dia sibuk cari mommy pulak..

- He has started to recognise people. Whenever a stranger (even family who he hasn’t met for a while) tries to hold him, he’ll start wailing.

- He refuses to sleep without Mommy at night. So nowadays Mommy pun sleep at 8.30 – 9pm with him. I’m starting to wonder if babies come installed with a secret radar to let them know Mommy’s sneaking out of bed. The very moment I got up (painstakingly slowly), his eyes popped open! But as much as I complain about not having any tv time anymore, I can’t say I don’t enjoy our sleeping time together. Soon enough he’ll grow up and start asking me to please stop kissing him in front of his friends.

ssshhh..mommy and baby sleeping..

Happy 4 months birthday Adam. You know we love you!


Anonymous said...

haaa.... adam nampak too***ttt


aizuraawang said...

seronok baca about ur son. my dotter is about a month younger than urs. i tgh nk cari a portable electric pump n i read that ur a medela swing user. so far how is it? ok tak? worth the money? i'm torn btw medela swing n avent isis iq uno... so sajer nk ur input as a user ;-) thanks!

aidafiqs adamia said...

auntie lyna,

ms complete,
for me definitely worth more than the money i pay for it. i have only good things to say about you can read from my entry. i strongly recommend. if you have any specific questions about Swing's performance etc, feel free to email me (, i tak pernah pakai isis uno so i takleh comparela. u may ask lina (see comment above) for feedback -she uses uno..

may i read your blog?hehe

Anonymous said...

sure ;-) feel free to browse! i ada baca a review pasal bila pakai the adapter kt m.swing tuu dia senang tercabut dr pump so ganggu masa time pumping tuu. ever happen to u?

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

same cam my boy, pas subuh tu kadang rase nak smbung take a short nap..tapi die dh start bebel sorang2
lg stress, blum masuk subuh die dh berkhutbah...hihi

aidafiqs adamia said...

ms complete,
i can't! your blog is only open to invited readers..
i read that too but it has never happened to me. ok je..

mommy of triplets,
hehe..tapi suara baby cute nak marah pun takleh kan...hehe

aizuraawang said...

oops...lupa plak ;-) visit me at the new one>>>>>

previously known as ms.complete

ellyWong said...

aida! elly dah mula sakit2 itu macam. uuu huuu.. takut2.. :D

Anonymous said...

salam..sorry tp nak nyibuk, i guna avent isis uno. so far it serves good! i never try medela, so takleh nak buat comparison. but i guess the pump depends on the user lah. hihiiih
adam suka poop bile duduk eh, Tasneem pulak suka poop bile kita tukar nappy baru. haiiyoohhh, baru tukar dah kene tukar yg baru. :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

aha..boleh pun bukak =)

i'm so excited for you!! good luck!! get ready to fall in love!!

Tasneem pembersih kot ni...nak kene new nappy baru boleh poop..hehe..mcm kite gakla, pegi public toilet yg kotor mesti tak selera kan...hehe..Adam lak tak heran lantakla nappy penuh pun..haha...

Anonymous said...

happy 4 monhts old adam..ait..aku sorang jeke laki2 yg komen..ok la..kene tuka aunty jijoy la mcm nih...

aidafiqs adamia said...

aunty jijoy,
tq tq =)


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