Friday, February 22, 2008

The day my baby taught me a lesson

Yesterday we went to the hospital to visit my dad. We were at the dining hall for dinnertime when the following event takes place. I was feeding my dad his porridge while my husband was holding Adam on the table. There are a few other patients and nurses there as well. One of them was a very frail and wrinkly old Chinese woman in a wheelchair. I’m talking really, REALLY old. She’s 94 years old. Adam was standing on the table right opposite this lady.

I heard the nurses call her PoPo (grandma). She had finished eating and was sitting there totally unresponsive. Adam was looking at PoPo and must have decided to “spread his charm”. He smiled to PoPo and started babbling… usual. Suddenly PoPo lifted up her hand as if trying to touch Adam. Remember this is a very old woman who could barely move her body. It must have taken a lot of effort for her to lift up that hand. And then Adam, seeing that hand extended to him, reached out and grabbed it ! (to try and put it in his mouth, of course) By now all the nurses were laughing, smiling and encouraging both PoPo and Adam to continue their little social encounter. As Adam held her hand, tears fell off her eyes. The nurses were saying, awww…PoPo, don’t cry!

PoPo made some funny faces and noises to play with Adam. This triggered even more laughter and surprised looks from the nurses. One of the nurses told me that they always make the same funny faces with PoPo to cheer her up. Suddenly now she’s using the same funny faces back to Adam. She even attempted to surprise him by saying “BAA!!”. It was really funny because if you look at her you wouldn’t think she’d be capable of talking or moving.

This little story may not seem like much, but to me it was very moving to watch.

Yesterday, my 4 month old son taught me how to make a 94 year old woman happy. Imagine that.

Adam, Mommy and Daddy are very proud that you made that old lady cry =)


iL4na said...

aww terharunyaaaa dgr crite adam & can reaLLY do wonders :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

yeah..he surprised me too..

Anonymous said...

hi aida n taufik, congrats dh ada baby ye..tetiba terjumpa ur blog..thot mcm kenal kat sheffield dulu..dunno whether u remember me ..;) baby adam so cute just like you..:D

Anonymous said...

sweet sweet adam... :)

Anonymous said...

btol! even we brought hafiy to see his tok pa to make him smile. mmg ajaib those kids.

aidafiqs adamia said...

from sheffield gak ek? u batch mana ye? department apa?

isn't he sweet? =)

true...babies are a miracle..

Fid said...

ohhh tersentuhnya


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