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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wearing Adam

After the shoes came another project – making my own wrap.

Just as an intro, a wrap is a type of baby carrier similar to sling, Mei-Tais, Baby Bjorn and the like. A wrap in essence is just a simple piece of cloth which you can manipulate in many ways to wear your baby close to you. You can read about the advantages online. I was really attracted to a particular type/brand of wrap which is – Moby Wrap – which uses a very comfy stretchable material. I tried searching for this wrap in Malaysia, everywhere including online shops. I even went as far as suggesting to the moderator to be included in some online shops. But to no avail, as yet.

Recently I came across this website that taught you how to make a NO-SEW wrap. (pls visit Really, it didn’t occur to me it would be so simple. Unfortunately I found out that it’s very difficult to obtain the right material for the wrap (in Malaysia). Normal fabric stores here like Kamdar only sell familiar fabrics that you use to make baju kurung/langsir and the like. No selection of nice stretchy cotton – t-shirt like – material at all. So in the end I selected the best fabric I could find, which turned out wasn’t really good enough.

Adam - was initially happy/excited being in the wrap

backview (that's me gawking at Ikea cute fabrics)

Adam stayed happily in the carrier for quite some time…and then lepas tu he got either bored or uncomfortable, I’m not sure. Terus dia nak keluar. There’s a possibility he was just unfamiliar with the method (carried in a wrap). It seems like the material is a bit too thick/warm and a little rough for his skin. But it does have some stretch and it was comfortable for me to wear. I could’ve gone for hours wearing Adam with the wrap; I could hardly feel his weight.

p/s: Does anyone know where I can buy nice stretchable cotton?

A friend of mine is trying to buy a Moby Wrap for me off Ebay..but has to be from international sellers. Susah sikitla…

I wish I’d found out sooner about baby wearing. My baby loves to be carried and I would love to carry him frequently too but the problem is my arms cannot handle it for long periods of time. Of course in our culture people always say jangan angkat-angkat anak…nanti dia nak di angkat je all the time. Although I respect this, for me I don’t really believe in this, but this is just my opinionla. For me if the baby is given the love and attention when he needs it, he will be less insecure and more confident to be independent. It is the “ignored” babies that will become either attention seekers or less independent because of their feeling of insecurity inculcated by being left by themselves all the time. This is merely my own inexperienced view; pls do not feel insulted if you do not share the same belief. I’m positive that all mothers want the best for their children.

A good website for baby wearing is – I found their link through (which is also another good website).

Just wondering, are there other mothers/fathers out there who wear their babies a lot too? Or would like to learn to wear their babies? I got the idea of forming a baby wearing group from the website I mentioned and I thought it would be great to share the many different techniques of baby wearing and experiences. Plus we can make it a baby wearing + breastfeeding support group. Pls tell me if you’re interested.


ellyWong said...

wow! buat sendiri! caya2x. i got from a singaporean fren (mom's in minds). baby sling mmg good especially when you need both hand tuk menaip keyboard. :) so far, i've only used it bile insyirah dah tido and she seems to like it. tapi hari tu try masa die wide awake, she seems to want to find her way out. :)

we are planning to bawa family yasir gi seaworld. and i really hope insyirah stay put dlm sling to whether tgh tido ke atau bgn... *praying*

Anonymous said...

i'd been searching all over the WWW for this kinda NO SEW2 thing! thanks Aida! aduss selama ni asik jumpa yg kene jahit jer...

oh i shud try it on hafiy. dia mmg asek nak bedokongggg je.

ppl osso always tell me to not angkat anak, if not nak angkaaat je. i think this is dependla. i really dont mind even if i sound like mengeluh 'asik nk dokooong je'. tp lama mana pon kita bole dokong2 dia. besok2 dah pandai jalan, dia pun taknak dahla dokong ngan kita. hmm~

i love u lah! u save my time googling for 'parenting' things like this. hahahahah.

tQ aida!

ira said...

my husband and i was an avid babywearer.we started mia quite early using (pouch)sling, which i hv quite a a sucker w/ this sling.i was once a crazy babywearer,and the ideas (just like u) to form a babywearer group did occur, but somehow back then not many are into it.

oh well,i'll say You go ahead and form one ok.i'll support u and 'war war' kan ;).

and that MobyWrap,nice!

Emmachann said...

Aida dearie,

really admire your passion on the booties!! seriously.. u should be my sifu when the time comes eh.. hehe.. (boleh ajar aku thru microsoft communicator- haha.. nampak sgt boring kat opis!)

anyway, keep on writing.. tak yah susah2 aku nak google next time.. hehe..

bout the fabric tu, I think Ikea should have one that similar to what you are looking for, kots.. :)

Anonymous said...

Mintak perhatian sumer!!!Sewing machine dah sampai!!!Makin rancakla pasni..Stay tune!!More and more products coming out soon..hehehe=D


aidafiqs adamia said...

wah...insyirah kenit2 dah pegi seaworld...bestnye...hehe

post up pictures if you make a wrap ok..
i love you too!! hehe

how old is mia now? how did slings work for you? lenguh tak weight on one shoulder? my problem is my baby seemed to be really uncomforable in slings..dia cam tension takleh bergerak2...

ima, expect to make booties for someone special anytime soon? hehe..manerla tau =) i'd love to teach you anytime darling..
takdelah kat ikea ima...diorg punya fabrics jenis bottom weight - heavy for curtains and such..

alamak sayang jgnla announce..i don't really know how to use the thing yet...haha...

Anonymous said...

i tried buat tu, tp xde kain panjang so sambung2 selendang.. buruk gila! tp OK la, menjadi la ikatan2ku heheh..

aida d u know that babies yg selalu didokong akan cepat pandai jalan, sal while dokong2 tu dia belajar balance badan dia. yeahuuuu!

Anonymous said...

bila dia baby2 nii laa kena dukung2 selalu...nanti bila dia dah besar esok, dia tanak dah kena dukung!

aidafiqs adamia said...

mcmana u guna selendang?? tell me pls..i pun nak try..hehe..and also you can refer to mamatoto or babywearer websites for ideas on how to carry baby using selendang...they showed a number of interesting ways to use short pieces of cloth also...

betul tu! kang dia dah besar dia tanak dah kite dokong dia...

Ms. Angry said...

Dear Aida,
Pernah jumpa site pasal sling ni tak? Macam murah dan local.
I was thinking of buying this stuff too.

Anonymous said...

hi mommyadam!

my dotter is no more in sling,as her weight is unbearable la for me to carry her.i bought two pouch sling (thenewnative carrier),which my parent bought it in the US,and the other one ,i bought it online both work great!

mia stay and sleep very well in both slings.a total great saviour for both the husband and me.

im sure u did a research with it.i'll say..just keep on practice using it,and hope your baby will get use to it and sleep well in it too.

good luck!

!Nt4N said...


jard said...

hi mommyadam! kalau u nak form a baby wearing i'm in! :) currently am using a soft baby carrier (snugli) for damia. which is work great esp when u go to crowded places.boleh jalan laju drpd berlaga stroller ^^

Anonymous said...

aiyoohh all are into sling la. mmg terpengaruh nih tp memikirkan takut nnt tasneem dah syok dlm sling dia x nak naik stroller pulak.

aidafiqs adamia said...

that was the first sling i considered. cun dan murah kan...but i think susah sikit bwk adam dlm sling bcos that kid prefers to look forward (see forward facing hold in the pic)

thanks for the encouragement...that's the reason i'm thinking a 2-shoulder carrier might be a more long-term investment..tak laratla one shoulder sling..hehe..

tq...cute clothes..

really??yay!!! *hugs* hehe..hows snugli?comfortable ek?

try looking at the websites i suggested..u might be bitten by the babywearing bug too,soon! hehe...


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