Thursday, September 18, 2008

Action Pics!!

First thing – I want to thank everyone who commented on my previous post about the SSC. I’m overwhelmed, thank you so have no idea how much the support means to me. I will definitely think seriously about selling this time, especially since my hubby pun betul2 serius motivate i…thank you sayang..

OK….let’s see the action pics!!!

Back Carry

they are bonding=)

i can use it too..

i think backcarry is cool! you can get things done ( like housework) , since baby is not in the way..and is great for toddlers because the weight is better distributed on your back..hubby received a lot of attention (positive or negative i'm not sure!) when he was wearing him on his back, which was good because we're hoping to spread the joy of babywearing! if you spot us anywhere wearing our baby and feel intrigued, pls do not hesitate to ask us about it!

Front Carry
Adam getting cozy and sleepy..

jumping test!

i'm happy!

i myself prefer the front carry, if i'm going for a walk/shop..the reason is i like having Adam close to my chest, i can kiss him whenever i want, i can play with his hair when he's sleepy, i can make funny faces and watch him smile/giggle...

overall conclusion (so far)

i love our "Mei Tai with Buckles" (we need a better name for it!) ! i think hubby is So much better at wearing this carrier. i struggle a little bit to figure out how to use the buckles, put baby in etc..but hubby mmg terer fact he's already come up with many tips and tricks how to put it on, how to take out, how to handle the buckles, how to pre-tie prior to driving and then just pop baby in etc...fuh!! it's really a Daddy-friendly carrier, i guess!!

hope you enjoy the pics =)


If you love babywearing, if you want to learn about babywearing, if you’re just curious about what’s all this fuss I’ve been making about babywearing, if you have a baby, if you’re pregnant and expecting a baby…or even if you don’t have a baby, just come and you may use my baby for practice! Hehehe…

Daddies! You guys come too ok!! See how cool my DH looks wearing his son?? Read what he has to say about babywearing.

Here are the details;

Date: Saturday, September 20, 2008Time: 10am - 1pm
Location: Persatuan Darul Fitrah Malaysia (Damansara PerdanaStreet: 9-5 (Floor 3A) Jalan PJU 8/5I, Damansara PerdanaCity/Town: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Topic: "Eyes on Ring Slings and IBW08"

Directions (from Jess)
Basically, "If you just try to find Mutiara Damansara Recreational Park, that is the location of IKEA/Ikano.You do not turn into that road (Persiaran Surian) but keep going straight towards Damansara Perdana. You wil be travelling on the LDP. There will be a turning to the left to Damansara Perdana. Exit E23, towards Jalan PJU 8/1.
it is just above 7 Eleven. It is a shophouse, upstairs"

See you all there!!!


muiz said...

1. so how much is it?
2. does it come in other colours?

@nannoor said...

i nak g gathering but have to work.
tak suka kerja on weekend

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emma said...

lepas je i nampak posting u nie, cepat2 i fwd kat ayah ryan...

tp dia x suka la pulak... dia kata nnt kesian kat ryan dok tkangkang...

la pulak!!!!!!

help me!!! help me!!!

-mama emma-

Azurah Anuar said...

i wonder mcmana buckle to works.

i wish i could be there tomorrow tp mcm tak boleh je.

nanti u tunjuk step by step on how to wear ok.

still blur la on the buckles.

prism-ness said...

OMG! u r so kind and funny la! aku gelak2 baca "you may use my baby for practice!".. hopefully ramai yg join after u dah promote.. persuade and even offer a baby to be carried

Anonymous said...

aida...i really want to join the gath..but hubby says its too far (ye ke?) from Ampang and dia x larat cos he has to drive to Kertih some more ptg esok..

sob sob..

maybe nex time ley kot..dah la the 1st gathering to pun we missed becos it's the same day that he has to go back to kertih..uhuk

(ni still tgh sesi memujuk ni..kot2 mood dia rajin esok nak drive gi Damansara tu..hehe..btw, gath ni open for ayah2 jgk ke or mommies only?)

Anonymous said...


i nak resign jadi engineer pastu jadi your tailor. amik la i!~ pls hire me..

Anonymous said...

asm aida,
my hubby n i have been using baby bjorn since wafiy 3mths old.but now hes 1 dah start terase skt belakang if lame sngt.emm whats the diff between the slings in the market n the one u r promoting?

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

aida...baru skrang u tepiki nk jual ker? i rase since ur first handmade item i dah sarankn u start jual...=). sila lah jual ye ;)
and i hv a better name for ur mei tai buckle..we shall now call it aidafiq's mei tai!!!!

Anonymous said...

aida, i pernah baca pasal a housewife yg suka buat decoration kat brg2 dia utk suka2 day hubby dia encourage utk start up business called Jibbitz.mula2 dia jual online,now the business worth USD20 mill.u bole tgk decoration dia kat semua kasut Crocs, my suggestion wud be,if u r thinking about selling ur mei tai,GO FOR IT GAL!!
(heh,sori i plak yg excited..)

aidafiqs adamia said...

yay..a daddy interested in babywearing!
1. not sure yet nak jual tak..or price.will update later k..
2.if i do sell then yes it will come in other colours..

ciannye you..

i will find article on baby positioning insyaAllah..

insyaAllah i'll do step by step photo info on that later...

don't know if it was because of me but the turn out was alhamdulillah..

mama shazzy,
next time dtg eh?

i pun nak resign jadi engineer and work for myself! *dream*

ummi wafiy,
i'm not sure about why your shoulder might start to hurt..but..many of the slings in the market places the baby's spine in stress.pls read here you can also go to to find other options of good carriers (not just the one i'm promoting..hehe)

dulu pikir main2 baru nak pikir serius..hehe

jann, betul2 motivate i lah!thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

aida, i think you boleh go serious with this...
all the best!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That is soo COOL!! Mei Tai wif buckles!! Looks more neat i must say!!

Yes, if ur planning to sell it! Pls, i wud definitely buy frm u!ASAP! Hahaha..

Y? Even right now, i think babywearing is more convenient esp living here alone wif BabyEmir.Senang nk grak2 esp wif the pack ppl here living in Jakarta.

Waa.. was looking one here in Jakarta coz dh thp desperate.but yg ade jnis babycarrier yg bulky n tak brape best.too many ppl n stroller cam susah gile esp when it was just d 2 of us..nightmare i tell u!

so pls tell me when ur ready to make one!how, when n where n design?tak sabarr...

Thanks aida for d creativity! =D

aidafiqs adamia said...

mrs noba,
thank you =)

you're living in jakarta?wah..ok i'll update the blog about selling, if i do sell later you have a blog?

Unknown said...

see..u already had customers! tau tak mase kite berbuka-gathering last week muzri said, "nanti kite babywering jelah..x payah pakai stroller coz susah and menyusahkan especially kalo tgh crowd." So, of course i want one with buckles!! so that me and hubby bole gilir2 pakai ;)

Anonymous said...

im here in jakarta just for temporary. ade project till july nxt yr. but will be coming in n out of jakarta almost everymonth.

yup! blog is

do visit! ;)

Farazila Wahab said...

isk isk... bagusnye hubby u nk pakai carrier ni eh.. kalau hubby i le jgn harap la.sanggup dia dukung mcm biasa aje...huhuhu


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