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Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Mei Tai with Buckles"

Oh My God I am so excited I don’t know where to start!

Remember I said DH wanted me to make him a “Mei Tai with buckles”? I smiled and said ok but the truth was I was thinking ok I will find out how to BUY it, not MAKE it. It just seemed impossible to me! But of course my husband kept hinting that I can definitely MAKE it. But how? No buckles? There are NO online instructions/tutorial for this!!

I decided to just make him a manly-looking mei tai instead. I had the fabric all cut out for a mei tai but I had no padding so I had to wait (to buy padding) before sewing it up. Yesterday, thanks to Liza (thank you dear!!) who commented on my blog, I realized I CAN get buckles and I DID! Bila dah beli buckles I still felt not confident enough, boleh ke ni??? Takde tutorial! I had to figure this out on my own….mcmana ni…kalau buat mei tai je kan senang…ish…but in the end, thanks to DH who apparently has blind TRUST in me………………..


Can you believe it?????

It’s a hybrid between our own handmade Mei Tai ( I love it’s size, shape, thin padding and versatility) and SSC buckles. Thus eliminating the long straps, this was bothering my DH. It’s made of cotton denim twill, which is amazingly soft and breathable, yet strong. Hubby chose the Ikea fabric at the back, which I love and has been in my stash for a long time. It can fit both me and hubby well =)

I finally found the perfect Daddy-friendly carrier!!! (we’ve experimented with pouch which was also great and I’ll update on that later but I was too excited to reveal this one first..hehe)

let’s see the pics!

The carrier looks even better when it’s worn with the baby! I only have photos of the carrier for now, I’ll update more with action pics!

Oh..pls forgive me for the over-excited post…I just can’t contain my enthusiasm..i still can’t believe I actually made it!

DH raved about how awesome it is the whole of last night and this morning! He thinks it’s the best carrier ever! Thank you really know how to make a girl feel special…hehe

He even said I should SELL it! What do you guys think??


Anonymous said...

Mommy Adam!

u can start a business here!

hehehe..btul ckp ur hubby, sell it~! or maybe make few more other designs and sell them..

i would definitely be one of ur customers~ bole book order sekarang ke? hehe

i already got a sling from far it serves its purpose cuma kadang2 lenguh jugak sebelah bahu..and kain dia terlampau berjela-jela..i purchased yg ni instead of the pouch sbb konon2 igt nak bg hubby bole guna jugak..he can use it too, tp mmg panjang la kain sling tu..(eh, terbagi testimonial laks..:P)

anyhoo, since u mentioned dat this meitai would suit both the Mommy & the Daddy, teringin plak nak beli yg ni..

jual la~~! hehe

Shaza Shamsuddin said...

yes, you should! i'm gonna be one of your early buyer.. hehehe :p

Anonymous said...

SELL. :)

@nannoor said...

WAHH Aida,
see already got customer.
Sell laaaa..

I pun excited baca ur post knowing that u mmg berbakat lah dear!!

Post gmbar daddy adam wearing adam k, nnt nak tunjuk dgn abi tasneem.
u know what, he refused to wear tasneem. kalau i pelawa, dia cakap.."xpe laaa...ummi laa pakai. kan aida bagi kat u.."

Anonymous said...

Aida, you should! Seriously.. kak ryn sokong sepenuhnya.. hehehe..

And you could also be the first to provide the tutorial on how to make mei tai with buckles!

haih, so proud of you :) i'd defenitely buy later when I need it.. :P

Anonymous said...

yes yes you should sell it. If there's an opportunity don't shy away from it. Imagine if the business takes off. you can work from home doing something you love and be with your children at the same time. That's what I would love to do anyway.hehehehe

Anonymous said...

mommyadam, sell it, sell it.

kalautakmo buat huge numbers pun, at least by request can ah????

i want one, please, please, please, please


Nana said...

yeah...i agreed sesangat...
sale sale...
nak order skrng leh x...x kisah la bape pun..wah...hehe...
mmg dok cari pun...

cute la blue ..but kalu leh nak purple..wah..terlebih sudah...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i can imagine how excited you'll be bila benda tu siap.. :) congrats...

Anonymous said...

Hi Aida,

I have been silently reading your blog simply because I love looking at your crafts. They are all great!

I have been wanting to suggest that you should start a business venture of your own for quite some time now. It is one of the most satisfying thing that you can do in your life. Also, you would be helping other mothers and fathers out there by offering them your great products. I am so glad that now you are thinking about it.

Do let me know if you need any help in terms of starting up a business. I would be most glad to help. =).


Anonymous said...

i love your passion for babywearing!

i would definitely buy it dear!!! smlm lenguh giler dukung sleeping Lyssa gi PARAM sampai i told hubs that i nak jugak beli sling sendiri (dah order pun dah!)... dulu jln2 gi bandung pinjam jer SIL punya pouch but i find it sooo useful. dah tentu2nya cik lyssa nii suka berdukung so might as well get some sort of support from a sling...

anyway...melalut plak... sell laaaa!!! i want a pink and girly one k!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!sell it...i will buy...truly...thought of getting one for my friends who jz got a much will u sell it....honestly..i'm buying here.

Anonymous said...

definitely go for it mummy adam! and also include the cloth shoes @ the soft toys k? :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aida, at first i'm not interested in babywearing ni...dah lama2 baca your blog, wah! rasa cam nak buat satu je..tapi kalau aida nak jual, don't forget to put me in list..heheh

Liza Yaakup said...

kudos to you!!! it looks amazing. are u gonna bring it to the forum meet this weekend?

Mamamarina said...


yes... u should start ur own business...

Emmachann said...

Aida dearie,

I think it would be the greatest handmade Mei Tai! U should start selling it anyway.

I'll definitely be one of your customer, nak order awal bleh ke.. for next year May.. hehe.. I want purple for myself and blue for hubby.. :)

Take care! Your really inspire me.

Unknown said...

sell laa!! dah lama i ask u to sell ur crafty things! u can sell it need to sewa kedai ke ape..i'm definitely will help u to promote this thing! ;)

aidafiqs adamia said...

Mama shazzy,
Thank you..yes, kat mesia ni the vendors are mainly selling one-shouldered carriers..which are great for smaller babies, but two-shouldered carriers are better when the babies are bigger..the weight are distributed to both shoulders, and hip.

Thank you..i’ll think about it =)

Thanks…I’ll jump if you jump..hehe

Thank coming later today..

Kak Ryn,
Wah semangat kak ryn…makes me feel motivated..hehe..thank you!

Yes that’s my dream too…but I’m bonded…ooohh..long story.

By request sounds good. I’ll definitely think about it ok…thank you =)

Tak kisah la bape ye??heheheh…I pun suka purple! (see mei tai!) tq..i’ll think about it =)

Thank you!! Coming to the gathering??

Excited giler kan bila our “creation” comes to life?

Kak naziehah,
Are you the naziehah I know?? Wow…I really admire what you’re doing now! I cannot believe it’s you! Can I have your email?? Really admire how you set your dream and went for it!! I need to learn that!!!

I knew you’d go for a pink one! Heheheh…thank you dear, I’ll think about it…

Diana Anuar,
Wah..beli utk kawan ye…hehe…ok2, insyaAllah I’ll think about it…

Mama Shazmar,
Hehehe…blom ape2 lagi dah expand business soft shoes and soft toys skali ye? Heheheh…thank you for the support..i’ll think about ti…

Thank you..i’ll think about it =)

So awesome if reading my blog can convert you into being interested in babywearing! Alhamdulillah! Thank you..i’ll think about selling =)

Yes insyaAllah I’ll bring it to the meet tomorrow..will you come?i’d love to see yours too!!

Thank you…nanti aku pikirkan =)

Mrs Fred,
Wow…order awal and order dua pulak tu!! You mmg motivate I lah! Hehehe….Thank you!!! are you expecting??? Congratulations and goodluck dear!!

aidafiqs adamia said...

aku nak...tapi pikirkan masa je..sian kat adam..takpe, you'll understand when your bundle of joy comes =)

Emma said...

eh??? awat comment i x lekat???

i just nak mintak u snapkan ur hubby wearing adam.. so nnt i nak fwd to ayah ryan...

ayah ryan nie takut sgt dgn babywearing nie.. dia ckp x selamat...

-mama emma-

Anonymous said...

huhu i know the feeling aida. i'm bonded too. that's why it's great if you start now. After your bond dah habis you can have the choice whether to continue or be a working at home mom!!!!!....

p.s: showed your mei tai to my colleague and she wants to order one when you start selling k.. hehehe

Anonymous said...



hehehheh.. mak aiii.. seriously tak tau nak ckp apa. order je lah!

or kalau tak kisah, a tutorial? :P

Anonymous said...

SELL LAA !!! u r so creative.. rugi xjual..

- fedy yg lambat comment, hehe..

Miss E said...

Hi Aida,

Last time rasanya u ade jual mei tai ni kan?
Do you still sell them? I ade try to email u before, during I was pregnant, inquiring abt thos, tp xdpt reply. Now mybaby dh 2m++ :)

Boleh tak nk order dgn u the Mei Tai with buckles ni?


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