Monday, May 4, 2009

Anniversary Trip

The last time we were in Venice, we were on a budget europe tour - Kelana Konvoy with our friends. We were not a couple yet, but about to fall in love :) Venice means a lot to us. I've always thought it's the most romantic city in the world..maybe because of the memories we had there..

Here we are, 6 years later. He definitely chose the best place to go for our anniversary. Thank you bang :) He's a romantic at heart, really..hehe..thank you so much!

We went to Murano island too this time, popular for Murano glass. The jewelery made from Murano glass are absolutely stunning..

Adam had the most fun at S.Marco square, where there are a lot of friendly pidgeons. He fed them biscuits..byk gak biscuits yg masuk mulut adam sendiri..hehe..dia tak takut langsung nak pegang birds..

From Venice, we took the midnight train to Rome. Oh God, Rome do i describe it..majestic, yes. All the buildings are old and beautiful, and so well preserved, even the shops. These buildings are made to last. You cannot help but admire the powerful civilisation that once was here..

We had a terrific time there as you can see..hehe..

May our love last forever...insyaAllah...


Pakcik Perut Buncit said...


Ernie Khairina said...

aida! i've been dreaming of Florence lately :( korang tak g sana ke? if ada nak tengok gambar..hehe, i watched about the glass factory earlier..hehe and u must have the best time in you life kat sana kan..
adam cute la kan as forever

kurik, bile lagi tu??

Ernie Khairina said...

p/s tetiba teringat the 1st time u showed taufiq's pic ..hehe

Unknown said...

tentu best giler....trip dgn org yg kita sayang...anyway...wish u alway happy with hubby n dadam...

Mamamarina said...

Aida.. such a sweet honeymoon trip.. bestnyer... stay until the end yaaa..

hilmi said...

k long..gamba 1st tu seblom couple la? of all the places..imi tak pnah pergi lagi "the most romantic city in the world"..tatau bile lagi bleh gi italy

aidafiqs adamia said...

ur turn coming very soon ;)

tak penah pegi la florence tu cop, bila aku show taufik's pic for the 1st time?ur memory is terrific..pls record my memories for me..aku tak ingat langsung..

thank you!


a'ah..gamba first tu blom couple lagi..taufik tgh tekel2..hehe..syok gi italy..tapi this time rase mcm rome lagi lawa pulak..

hilmi said...

heh kurus gile die pic tu..pic adam tu..gile concentrate die kat burung tu..just curious..camne luzern to u kalo compare dgn venice..or rome?

aidafiqs adamia said...

a'ah..seblom kawen mmg dia kurus gile..hehe..Luzern pun sama lawa..comparable to romantic n rome lain sket..sbb buildings dia,rase mcm back in time, tgk civilisation rome dulu2..

mumtaz said...

Dear Aida ,

i have been reading ur blog silently since u left the office .
My deep condolence to your family - losing ur dad . have a safe journey home dear!
Al Fatihah ...

Anonymous said...

bestnye.. kiut.


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