Monday, August 10, 2009

Adam's activities

Just couple of photos and video of Adam's activities last couple of weeks that i didn't have time to update on;

Adam and Liza had their faces painted at the International Party at Newpin. Elizabeth managed to make him wait patiently in queu to get his face painted, but when his turn came, he wouldn't sit still so sempat buat simple jer...hehe..but still cute!

Adam playing at the Family Week Fair in Regent's Park. the had lots of crazy activities - sheep shearing, ferret racing, trampolines, bouncy castles etc. this particular bouncy castle mmg best giler,kids under 5 can just tumble around with hardly any supervision because everything are soft and safe for them to fall on. i just needed to watch the exit, takut dia lari keluar..

Adam trying to catch a bee at the park last Saturday. He wasn't scared at all...


hilmi said...

heh pelik gak die tak butterflies je la kryptonite adam

badiuz said...

cute gila suara Adam bila sebut "oooo.. ooooo"

tak sabar jumpa Adam. Nanti boleh main sama2!

Unknown said...

adam takut butterflies ke? huhu..cute sgt adam nak kene langgar ngan stroller tu..terus terbabas kat rumput2. nmpk mcm kids this age tak berapa leh control kaki die sgt lg ek dot?

aidafiqs adamia said...

dia tak kene gigit lg..sekali kene baru dia tau...

cpt2 la dtg!

a ah dia takut butter flies.lawak giler....heheh


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