Monday, August 31, 2009

Sewing again,hopefully

I haven't been sewing for months..sigh. I really want to start again...I finally finished my skirt that i started months ago (see entry last day in German). It's really hard to start sewing after a long break...i need inspiration and the momentum..So i thought i'd start with something simple, something i'm already familiar with to get me motivated again - bags!

Felt so good to be sewing. Ive sewn a couple bags...this one is my first. I was thinking..maybe i could try open an Etsy store and sell whatever i make, what do you think? I love Etsy, it's kinda like Ebay, but only for handmade items..all the items sold there are to die for! such lovely beautiful things...

Its funny how when i stopped working, it seemed that i sew a lot less than i used to when i was working...i thought it would be the other way around..sigh...hopefully this will be a turning point...motivate me to sew more...


Ernie Khairina said...

yess finally ur sewing project entry. u've mentioned about Etsy before kan, no doubt about it..just give a try ok..
please please teach me of skirt making..I'm crazy over skirt rite's summer in Malaysia u know..must wear skirt! =D

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

Etsy is not a bad idea at all. at least can kill your time while waiting for berbuka.

ko mmg all the time skirt kan aida. aku ade skali tu je time aku suke giler pakai skirt (aku ngn kemar siap tempah lagi kat tailor skirt macam Marks and Spencer), now dah malas plak. dah give away pun skirts aku kat sedara mara..

btw, resipi daging masak merah yg aku buat haritu tak jadi sgt. die jadi daging sambal..lemme try a different one and will let u know the recipe..

have fun!

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

oh yes, u shuld hv ur own Etsy!!!
and its tru wat u said, its ironic isnt occupied u r when u r not working, and yet i get those look from ppl thinking tat i tak keja so goyang kaki kat umah =(

oh gosh i can already imagine if ur 2nd baby is a gal, all the dresses u will sew for her!

hikmah* said...

aida, that bag is definitely gorgeous! the fabric pattern, sgt menggiurkan. aida beli kat uk ke fabric tu?

Unknown said...

comeyll bag ni...
sy mmg salute org yg pandai n rajin jahit menjahit ni.. hehehehe...

aidafiqs adamia said...

ko nak start menjahit ke?? jom2! nnt aku cari ade tak tutorial online utk buat skirt tu..

aku suka skirts tapi jarang pakai..lately since i can't fit into my normal jeans anymore...tu yg cari elastic skirts ni!hehe...

tulah..jadi housewife lagi susah find time to sew..

aah fabric tu beli kat sini...cantik jugak..

thank you ;)

neeza said...

i think u should make another blog focused on your sewing, which later you can share or make a tutorial on how to make this and that.. well, hanya memberi cadangan. your sewing is neat.. i like it very much :-)

aidafiqs adamia said...

takut takleh maintain la that blog...hehe...i jahit tak tentu..tgkla dah bape bulan i tak sew..


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