Monday, March 8, 2010

Video tutorial: Newborn Kangaroo Carry

This carry is good for malaysia weather actually...because only one layer of fabric is covering baby so it's not so hot (unless you do the reinforced kangaroo like i did in the video). If you have a shorter wrap, you can just tie under the bum. In the video i twisted the tails but you can also do it without twisting (though twisting helps to get it more snug). Happy wrapping!

p/s: sorry about the mess and havoc in the background ;)


Anonymous said...

aida, senangnye! and your baby is very calm. dah terasa mcm nak beli wrap pulak. :)

hasya_rmshy said...

mane belaja wat wrap nih... sng la nk carry baby.. nk belaja gak.. ajar back carry plak...

Anonymous said...

..kak aida, where to buy this type of wrap/kain kt msia ni? any idea? or if ade any website?

~mommy to be..nurul~

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

so cute adam buat hal sendiri while mommy doing the video.
ur baby look "semangat" for 6 weeks old. ke die pun actually petite like adam dulu?

Hada Masayu said...

aida, i've always wanted to look at yr video tutorial...yg before nipun xdpt tgk..i dunno why, maybe xsupported kot..nk kena figure out juga cemane :(

Ernie Khairina said...

imi rupanya jadi cameraman..hihi
kemas gile aida, dan nmpk selesa..and the wrap notice tak kaler die mcm blog ko hehe

p/s adam hensem2 tuh nak ke mana?

Unknown said...

ahahah..betulla dot, wrap tu kaler background blog ko nih! sweet.. comelnye adam kecoh2 kat blkg tu. and mia rilex je ek..

"buatla apepun pd saya mommy, saya redha je.." mia said ;p

Jane Sunshine said...

Aida, I just had a baby boy 2 weeks ago and he is showing colicy signs (just like my eldest, sigh!)- wondering what kind of wrap will work in the circumstances. I like the clingy cloth ones -should i go for the hoop type/mei tai, etc? Where can I get them in Msia. Pls help, v desperate.

aidafiqs adamia said...

it is quite easy actually. and mia is calm in this video..cos i got lucky :) she likes sitting in the wrap but while i'm wrapping she can get fussy. maybe next time i will do a video with a less calm mia to show that it can also be done.

i just made one video of a back carry. will upload it next ok?

kat msia i think..tiny tapir and lil caliph ade jual..i'm not sure what type of wraps they sell..check them out k..

she's actually quite semangat now :) adam pun for the first few months of life mmg bambam. only after he started turning/crawling that he start to lose all the baby fat...

ko tgk from office ke?sbb kadang2 they block...

a'ah pandai taufik pilih kaler mmg my fav colours :) adam pakai baju baru kawan dia kasi...we were getting ready to take him and mia to school yesterday...

mia tgh good mood..dah kenyang and happy..

congratulations on your new baby! a wrap will definitely help (both you and the baby). try tiny tapir and lil caliph..those are the ones i know.if you have paypal you can join the babywearer forum and buy from fsot. you can also use mei tai...but with a newborn a wrap is soo much better and more flexible(or maybe i'm just wrap obsessed at the moment!) you can use a wrap for every kind of position - craddle, burp hold, tummy to tummy, hip hold..etc..

mofaez said...

wah expert dah wrapping ye hehe..Mia besar jd model kot haha


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