Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wraps info

Some people have been asking about where to get wraps in Malaysia. Here are a few websites i found that sell them:

Tiny tapir and Lil Caliph - they have moby wrap which is a stretchy wrap

Peekaroobaby - Jess has medley wrap ( woven and stretchy) and her own diy wrap.

not much of a choice there...but if you have paypal, you can always buy online international. Checkout the babywearer website. A lot of info there on babywearing and if you want to purchase a used or sometimes new carriers, you can always check out the forum for fsot (for sale or trade). With a wrap i actually prefer gently used wraps because they are already soft and broken in. and you could get them cheaper (but not necessarily). But i warn you fsot is VERY addictive....

also, check out the Malaysian babywearer website. They also have fsot on the forum. Plus they're a wonderful bunch of babywearing mamas! come by and join the interesting conversations there..


Fathinz the wedding planner said...

dear, thanks for sharing..!

Anonymous said...

i cemas tgk mia terlentok ke kiri ke kanan takut terjatuh..

aidafiqs adamia said...

ok kak fathin..tryla...kak fathin..nak tgk gamba baby...

video yg mana?hehe..jgn risau..dia mmg suka lentok2..hehe..

Baby Slings said...

My kids loved the sling and would promptly settle down if fussy when they were placed in it and more often than not fell quickly to sleep leaving me hands free to tend to our other kids or get a few things done (again, perhaps new moms shouldn’t be focused on chores but someone had to make dinner in my house).


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