Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Fair Isle

I realise that my previous post may make some people uneasy, which is understandable because it contradicts a lot of things we believe in. But it's ok, it's important to questions things, get out of our comfort zone for a little bit and not to just follow everything blindly. At the very least, exploration of this issue has made me look at my children and at life differently, and helped me appreciate my children's innate ability for unprompted learning. I am making a point to learn more about unschooling, and to observe my own children's fascinating capabilities. Maybe we will explore this topic further in another entry.

For now let me distract you with this BIG Fair Isle project I was working on.

The colours are just amazing. The pattern and yarn are from Alice Starmore. I love her work.

The buttons are from Liberty. They have the loveliest buttons there. I chose ones that stand out because of their shape and not colour (so the colours of the fair isle work stands out more)

I am in love with this vest. I want to wear it, sleep in it, rub it in my face, put it on my wall, stare at is a quite a BIG disaster!

Did I mention BIG?

There's about 10 inches of positive ease..

Kinda make me look like a BIG silly monster...hehe...

But I love it anyway. Sigh. You don't choose who (what) you love, you know? I learnt so much from knitting this - continental knitting, stranded knitting, fair isle, knitting with both hands at the same time, colour blends, and steeking! (i'll try to explain more about this amazing technique. i have met knitters who has been knitting for more than 20 years without ever trying out steeking). this is the most fascinating knitting project I have ever done and I do not regret knitting it at all, even though it doesn't fit...any ideas what I can do with it? I was thinking I'll hang it on the wall of my (future) dream studio...hehe...


hikmah said...

aida, i dont know knitting, how bout allow urself to gain few kilos? hehehe.

Ernie Khairina said...

i know i was the top commentator for your previous entry but anyhow, just let it as a good discussion between you and your reader la =D

wow fair isle is a big trend this season..unless kat Malaysia panas tak sesuai la plak.

altuty said...

i dont know how to explain my idea.. haha

kalau u knit another small layer and attach it at the waist part, pastu masukkan riben ke, so you cam buat dia adjustable. at least it makes your waist slimmer.. i tak tau whether this idea bole ngam tak dgn knitted item.

i love the last pic!!

kemaryahya said...

hohoho. BIG!

Anonymous said...

salam aida,
i have been your silent reader for quite some times now (i am ex kmys too ;) ). just wondered if u know any malaysian self catering apartment for holiday rent in london preferably near the centre. planning to go down to london for 6 nights in june. let me know if u know any! thanks

kak inda xx

aidafiqs adamia said...

you know what, for the first time in my life i DID consider gaining weight just so i could fit in it..

of course! i love that you and i have been close friends for so long that no amount of heated argument can change my respect and love for you.

i tried that. mcm belt la kan? but it can't work because there is just too much of ease! it looked ridiculous :(


kak inda,
i don't really know actually...sbb tak pernah rent holiday apartment here! but i'll try to look it up...


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