Friday, August 12, 2011

Keep calm and carry yarn

is always my motto. Through any crisis or joy in life, it'll keep you sane and mindful of each precious moment.

no i did not forget to pack my knitting. i chose wooden needles and got through airport check, phew.

knitting at the airport lounge

Last week we drove past a factory with a sign that says 'Knitting Factory' near Balakong. My husband and I started discussing what kind of factory might that be - machine knitting? yarn? etc. Suddenly Adam offered his point of view "Sheep turn 'knitting' " which is to say a factory to turn sheeps wool into yarn! So he WAS listening all these while when i babbled about how yarn is made out of sheep's

p/s: i'm thinking of setting up a knitting group/class. Anybody interested?


Ernie Khairina said...

dear a passionate knitter, would you like to show us some demo?

see you next week!

p/s nak tengok yang kaler fuschia hari tu

fiza arbi said...

aida!! u r home!! welcome back!! ada rezeki kitorg turun KL singgah k??

pls2 reopen ur online store k? add some knitted baby dresses, blouses, hats, skirts..etc

ps1: note that i m hinting on baby girls items, heheh am 31 weeks preg now..

ps2: also note that sume aku hrp ko buat, aku beli online..ahaha..

hanani said...

am your blog silent reader for years :) really impress with your knitting skills
and because of you last week i bought a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn hahaha...

Ms J said...

great aida..once you've set up the just shout ek...itp i mmg xreti lgsg knit...but sgt2 nk buat...siap bli allt eh things tp xbuat pon...i think i ni slow pick up kot kalau blajar sendiri2 through youtube or instruction bergambar..xfaham....ehehe..

Huda@Hood said...

nak join! kelas menjahit sekali boleh tak? hihihi. ^_^

-huda smapk-

angah sam said...

nak join!! email me at hehehe..excited :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes dear i will see you soon!

it wouldn't be quite as meaningful as having you the mommy knit them yourself. i'll be happy to show you how. btw, congratulations on the baby girl! dtg kl dtgla rumah...miss you! or kalau kitorg kat kerteh aku call nnt ek...

good for you! i'd love to hear what you plan on making.

ms j,
yes i too found it much easier to learn when somebody showed me how..

i'll think about it...

angah sam,
wow thanks for the encouraging response! i'm still waiting on my boxes to arrive but when they do i'll set it up soon as possible insyaAllah...

KC said...


really love your blog. and your kids are so sweet. hopefully one day can meet them..

i like the idea of you setting up a knitting group. ive been trying to learn to knit for months but havent had the time because my hands are full with baby aysha around.. please set up a sewing class as well. i would love to attend. =)

mamasyitah said...

hi...gud to have you here in Malaysia :) the others, i love to read your blog too...always look forward for updates from you...
and yes, the sewing class...i'd love to join if u r just nearby..i'm not into knitting yet...:)
and...where are you staying? which part of kl?

mate said...

cikgu, saya nakkkk joinnnn!!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in!

iL4na said...

Kalau ada nak join pls!


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