Friday, August 12, 2011


Before we left, Adam was sad and Mia was mostly unaffected. When we arrived, we met many family members who have been waiting a long time to meet these two lucky kids. Bear in mind that to them, these relatives are practically strangers. And the reactions?

Adam is beyond happy. He's the kind of guy that thrives in the presence of company. Even when there is language barrier, he manages to communicate and play with everybody. Taking him anywhere is a breeze because he gets along with everyone.

Mia on the other hand is a private person and reveals her (cheeky) personality only with the people she feels comfortable with. As such, these constant contact with people was torturous for her. She kept crying and clung to me. Thankfully now she is comfortable with my mom and siblings who we are staying with, and she's now happy to be herself. Not 5 minutes ago she broke my sister's glasses.

In either case I'm glad they're both adjusting well...

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Anonymous said...

sis! wa siannye kene balek msia..
emm excited lah sbb kwn sy kate haritu dia nmpak adam..(kitorang skolah kt maahad) .. dekatnye...wish to meet your kids!


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