Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Adam's birthday gifts

Adam's 5th birthday is coming up this Friday. Five! We're all excited, especially him. I made him some handmade birthday presents.

This is a puppet theater. It wasn't a surprise gift, I let Adam chose a project for me to sew. He loved it and chose all the fabric himself. It's not his birthday yet but we already enjoyed many performances this week.

I made him a pair of smart pants to fit. He always have a problem with bought pant - if it fits his waist, it'll be too short but if it's long enough for him the waist will be way too loose. Children pants are way overpriced here anyway so as long as he will wear them I shall try to make his pants for him.

The waist has a faux fly. It opens up but only halfway to allow the pants to be put on. The back has elastic for long-wearing.

Then I made a red shirt for him. Red's his favourite colour and if you ask him he wants everything in red.

When he asked me who i'm making these clothes for I told him it's for my 5 year-old friend. He said "I'm almost 5, but not yet. Can I play with your friend?"

These are not expensive gifts. The shirt costed me next to nothing because the fabric was a scrap from years ago. I only had to buy the buttons (less than 50 sen for all). But it was made with a lot of love and I hope he will appreciate that one day.

I love you, Adam..

p/s: we're going for Adam's surprise birthday trip tomorrow! stay tuned for updates soon!


fana said...


Adinina said...

i wish i can sew as fast as you. they all look simple. a shirt like adam's may take me a week, hehe. last year i made a dress for my girl and she likes it so much that she wears very frequently now (basuh je terus pakai balik). tp nak jahit lg satu, aduii mesti take time. any tips to sew fast? maybe practice makes perfect kan. :) happy birthday adam!

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