Monday, October 15, 2012

Adam's birthday trip - Legoland

We didn't tell Adam where we were going for his birthday trip. But he did guess Legoland at one point. Which tells me we made the right choice. He somehow heard about it from the neighbours but told us it was too far and too expensive for us to go. He was thrilled when we arrived and he saw a huge banner for Legoland!

Mia solat by the poolside :)

cutting his birthday cake on the morning of his birthday. Thank you Pakteh for the cake!

Early morning on his birthday. Straight to Legoland. Wearing his new mama-made birthday outfit.

The kids enjoyed it immensely. There were some height restrictions on the rides, meaning that Mia doesn't get to ride on many, but Adam does pass a few. She didn't have to pay for tickets though, and there were plenty other things to do so I guess it was ok eventhough it was frustrating for her when Adam gets to ride and she doesn't.

I was really amazed at all the structures built out of little pieces of lego. Everything from Masjid Putrajaya (above) to real size human figures. It was awesome. It could not have come out all made up from the factory. Some geniuses (with a cool job description) must've spent time thinking about the shapes and construction of each of these amazing lego structures. Inspiring!

going on a wet ride with Adam

cheeky girl climb over the fence to touch the little lego people ;)

The whole of Legoland is literally scattered with lego pieces. Legos in the middle of playgrounds. There was a huge hall full of all sizes of lego pieces. Here in the picture Adam is constructing a car to race down the track (behind him). To think, a small tub of lego is so expensive, and yet in this place they are so generous with the legos. It's a lego heaven! nobody checked if your child stuffed some lego down his pants. Lego was everywhere!

cool runway for kids (and adults) to race their cars

One of the things I found most clever about Legoland is this: You know in any theme park, there are rides which you have to wait in queue for a long time ? here there have a little 'waiting area' for your children in the middle of the queue and it is full of legos for the children to play with while you wait in queue. As you near the front of the line, there is a small gate where you can fetch your child from the waiting area. Genius!

The birthday boy was very happy. It was a good trip.


atie said...

salam, panas x kak? ermmm ride utk dewasa bnyk x? smua section dalam tu da open x? hehehhe bnyk soalan saya. tqq~~~

Hana Soffelia said...

seronoklah adam dapat pegi legoland for his birthday.

puteri said...

Thanks for this entry! I can't wait to take my kids there next month.

Mommy yang terlebih excited ni!

Unknown said...


i enjoy reading your blog...your kids are just too cute...


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