Wednesday, February 6, 2013

of lotion bars and body butter

After the successful makings of the lip balm in the previous post, I made plans to replace yet another bodycare product we use on a regular basis - lotions and moisturisers. 

First I made body butter. This is the texture of the lotion before it was whipped...

Then it became butter!!

Gorgeous luscious smelling body butter! but unfortunately after testing this butter for a while, I don't think it'll work. after sometime the texture breaks down to a thin whip cream consistency, and down to oily...this country is just too hot for body butters with no artificial stabilisers or preservatives..or maybe I need to figure out a natural alternative to stabilise the butter texture. Which means more experimenting..which I don't think I mind all that much :) In any case this batch of melting body butter is still very nutritious for the skin so I use it at night on my foot for a moisturising foot rub, and now my dry cracked heels are healing! (I know because I only apply to one foot to compare! haha )

The lotion bars however turned out great! Looks beautiful too. They smell lovely - lavender and ylang-ylang. I place ours on a small clay pot ( but I imagine it'll look good on a pretty soap dish too ) and use it daily after bath and before bedtime. The ingredients are all natural and suitable for children, and the kids love the night-time massage. To apply we just rub it with our hands to melt a small amount of lotion and then just massage onto skin.

Goodbye you chemical-full creams!

And now I'm off to figure out what I should be making next..  :)


Kuazue Mohamad said...

wah beh nyer...boleh ker share mcm mana nak buat nyer..

Aishah Megahasz said...


Anonymous said...

Aida masih guna homemade shampoo, homemade conditioner, homemade detergent and cloth diaper ke? I refer pada label simple living awak (2008).. hehhe...if still guna, dan skrg ni guna natural source utk lotion & body massage pula, wow i'm so impressive..

Haz Effy

MK said...

Lotion bars?? That's brilliant!

Unknown said... sangat buat sendiri guna sendiri..amat selamat :)

hasya_rmshy said...

share la link... leh try ni.. sementara cuti nih..

irwanee said...

store it in the fridge to help stabilise the mixture?

Unknown said...


Can't wait till your product launching! Good luck babe ;)

Hafidz said...

Datang melawat blog ni lepas abg taufik cite pasal kak aida punya business projek. Kreatif betul! Good luck kak aida, and idea homeschool tu brilliantlah. Tak tau pun boleh mcm tu :D


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