Wednesday, January 30, 2013


When we were in Cameron, there were a lot of honey products being sold at the markets. In the highlands apparently there are a few honeybee farms maybe because of the lower temperatures up there making it suitable for honey farming. I saw that most of the honey are pure unrefined and some even sell the honeycomb together with the honey. I asked them about beeswax and they directed me to their farm. It's not easy to find beeswax in Malaysia.

We went to visit a farm and the kids had a blast looking at a real honeybee farm. I went to the farm shop and found beeswax. Their beeswax is pure unrefined and smells deliciously of honey.

I've always thought about making my own body care products to replace chemical-laden commercial products, and stumbling upon this beeswax has opened up a door. So I started experimenting and made some...

Lip balms! All-natural skin nourishing ingredients. I've started using them and I absolutely love it! My lips are usually dry and cracked but now they are soft and moist! I'm never going back to store-bought lip balms ever again, I can tell you that.

Stay tuned for more adventures in natural skin care. I'm full of ideas now to slowly replace the commercial products we use regularly...

*Beeswax is secreted by honeybee workers and is used to construct their honeycomb cells. It makes a great skin barrier that allows the skin to breathe.


Nurain Kamal said...

I love the all-natural products you've made (seen them on Instagram). Are you planning to sell them? If you do, I want some! ;)

On the other note, I absolutely love the way you brought up your children, you let them play with their creative and wild imagination. Some parents are afraid to let the kids go out and play like Adam and Mia, thus the limitation in their creativity.

Oh gosh what a long rants eh? Btw I met you once at The Mines, so pretty in real life. Took me minutes to have the guts to say hi ;)

Huda@Hood said...

kak aida,
nak beli satu plis! ^_^

happy birthday to mia.
tiap-tiap tahun ingat sebab birthday sama.hihi

aidafiqs adamia said...

were you the one i met kat shoe shop tu? nice to meet you! insyaAllah kalau ade rezeki i might sell these..tq for your support!

boleh2 insyaAllah! hehe..keep watching this space k..nnt kalau akak jual akak announce on this blog..

dd said...

i pun nak try if u thinking to sell it.. :)

Sin Dee said...

This is so lovely. :)
I am also a lover of beeswax and natural stuff, knitting and what not.
Please check out my online store at:
You should get those beeswax easily. :)

Stacey's Branded Loot said...

hi there,
I'm long looking for beewax too. How much u pay for the beewax in cameron? And which farm u when to? Do you know where I can find beewax in KL and Selangor. Thanks.

GUNA said...

Hi, I'm also looking for beeswax for make my own natural product, but cant seem to find it elsewhere. Can you please guide me, where did you find those beeswax at Cameron?

Anonymous said...

Sini ada beeswax for sale and also beeswax candles:

Found on Lelong also:

czenhui said...

can buy beeswax online at


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