Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anniversary Trip and Handmade Mei Tai Carrier

For our Anniversary Celebration this year we went to the Legend Water Chalets, PD. Tahun lepas berdua je sambut anniversary kat Pangkor…this year…bertiga! Yahoo!!

The resort is awesome! Let the pictures do the talking…

Adam especially loved the HUGE bath tub. Terkinja2 mandi dlm tu…sampai tersedak2 tertelan air (he purposely nak masukkan muka/kepala dlm air) pun dia tak heran…

look at his face..excited sgt ;)

We had soo much fun. Hubby took about a trillion photos. But most of the photos are only of Adam and I. This is the only one with all three of us in the same pic;

Happy 2nd Anniversary Hubby Dearest…I love you so much ! Best 2 years of my life, no doubt =)


You can see in the above pic I’m wearing Adam in a Mei Tai – a modernized Chinese inspired baby carrier (Go Google Mei Tai. It’s a wonderful versatile carrier). It’s handmade! It was my most complex project yet but was definitely worth it.

I looked at many patterns before coming up with the modified design I want. The fabric I bought from Nagoya dirt cheap – rm6 per meter. It is the softest, smooth fabric, and yet also very thick and strong. Since Adam had trouble with the previous handmade carrier (wrap) because the fabric was uncomfortable, I wanted to make sure this one must be made of really soft fabric.

It worked! Adam stayed in the carrier for hours, didn’t complain once! I was able to walk by the beach, went out for meals, went sightseeing etc with him in carrier and he didn’t even have to miss his naptimes! He was so happy playing with my scarf or looking around or simply sleeping comfortably.

I made the straps wide and lightly padded for the wearer’s comfort. It has a rounded headrest for Adam that is also padded. The back panel is interchangeable. That means I can take it out and choose another fancy fabric to place in the slot. I can make as many panels as I like (only need small fabric scraps) and change them to suit my mood. The one in the picture is my favourite fabric so far – a fabric with handbag prints. I’ve been saving it to make handbags but can’t resist using a little of it here too.

I just love the fact that I can carry my baby close, have my hands free and also look fashionable all at the same time. Yay for babywearing!!


Anonymous said...

we went there last year..suka sangat that chalet especially the open 'love' shape bathtub. umar really enjoy to sit on the glass floor to see the water below..

Sue.Aleen said...

bila anak bertambah ni dah tak pakai carrier lagi..

aida.. u can sell your handwork la.. buat biz ikut cara Rasulullah s.a.w.

bila nak jawab tag ni.. huhu

Anonymous said...

la la la la.. baruuuu je i nak buat weekend ni. can you share how you do the 'padded' strap and headrest? i was thinking buat yg biasa tp nampak mcm adam sgt comfy dlm mei tai padded ni.

penat tak pakai mei tai?

Anonymous said...

why my mommy is so the lazy to sew or make me anything?

aidafiqs adamia said...

ummu umar,
bath tub dia best sgt kan...hehe..

kak sue,
would love to sell..tapi saya tak cukup masa la kak sue..maybe in future kalau ade org minat nak beli saya jual sikit2...hehe...the tag insyaAllah ASAP..the pics dah tangkap dah...hehe

pls make one!nak tgk! bestnye ade geng..hehehe..i pad the straps and headrest pakai thin foam (boleh beli kat kedai jahitan). kalau u nak further info, give me ur email address, nanti i carikan the links to the tutorials yg i jumpa on this. and tuty, tak penat langsung pakai mei tai! it's soo comfortable..rasa ringan jer..

your mommy is busy playing with you la sayang...hehe..but tell your mommy if she lets you play with adam, auntie will sew you something cute ok...hehe

jard said...

cool la u.. siap buat sendiri mei tai lagik untung adam. nice!!

Fiza said...

dot, sooo cute of u n adam dlm carrier tu!

Ms. Angry said...

wuuu...cantik la carrier tu. rajin betul aida buat yek. Kita ni mesin jait ada pun tak sentuh, sebab jahitan I tak kemas. takat langsir boleh la

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you =)


my sewing also taklah kemas sgt...luckily you can't see my seams in the pics..but it does improve with practice...


salam kenal key..adam dah 7 bulan ek...

ibuhannah said...

ya allah aida, you're so rajin jahiting.. sungguh kagum i. =)
i ni yang since mengandung lagi berangan nak jadi tukang jahit persendirian, folio plan je banyak, satu benda tak start jahit lagi.. hehehe..

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

gosh..u immpressed me endlessly...
cant wait to c ur next hasil kerja!

and hAppy 2nd Anniversary =)

Anonymous said...


Adam dah 7 bulan lebeh key?


Aida memang rajin.. suaminye lagi rajin.. tahun lepas.. tengok suaminya mendukung anak.. ayah yang penyayang..

mommy of triplets,

can i see ur hasil kerja too?

MN said...

ur sewing project ni dah makin hebat nih!!! (bowing with respect)

Anonymous said...

i told my hubby i wanna sew something for hafiy. dia kata ha, buatla.
hahahaha. tp i malas :P & xde sewing machine hehe :P

Anonymous said...

sesungguhnya kamu telah ditag sempena hari ibu.

happy mother's day aida :)

Sue.Aleen said...

happy mother's day, aida...

ellyWong said...

beautiful work aida!! nice sgt2. :D

Retail Therapy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

To All mamas out there...

lazy to sew for ur kids?

visit my blog..

i have..
Antique Portable Sewing Machine
Brand : SINGER
Year : 1929

RM800 nego.

p/s : sorry aida.. aku iklan jap.. and sebelom terlupa.. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL LOVELY MOMS!!

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you for visiting this blog =) yes..adam 7 bulan..

you have my dream job..a SAHM! come on...bolehla menjahit...hehe..

Mommy of Triplets,
thank you =) i pulak tak sabar nak tgk your next "hasil kerja"..hehe..the one in your tummy..hehe

sukahati ko jer tolong jawapkan yer...hehe..tq2...

mrs noba,
tq...ala..malu i...

start with the can do by hand..jom...hehe

kak sue,
thank you..happy mother's day to you too =)

thank you =)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

oh how i wish i hv hasil kerja to show u!
i started doing manik for my lengan kurung 2 months back. but tetiba stop bile memikirkan if im pregnant wiz a boy...kang my boy jadi he-she tak?
oh nauzubillah!

Unknown said...

dot, bestnye legend waterchalet tu..kompem aku pegi nanti. Nak pakai mei tai gakkk.. ;)

aidafiqs adamia said...

No, no..if it's a boy then he'll be a VERY CREATIVE boy! Go on, siapkan your beading!

best giler..sila2 pegi...jom2,pakai mei tai...(cpt2 cari "bende" nak isi dlm mei tai tu...hehe)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

wah tat's a great way of seeing things positively. I definately would love to have a creative boy.

Bleh lar start balik buat beading mcm ni, hihi.

thinking of tat, my first pregnancy i kuat tido but now my babies both early riser and hardly sleep during the day. I guess sume itu mitos pregnancy belaka

aidafiqs adamia said...

i read all these amazing blogs where these crafty mommies craft with their children. even 8 year old boys can sew his own bag pack! how awesome is that..

Retail Therapy said...

as long they maintain their 'machoness' then tat's fine wiz me...takut kang jadi 'au-au'...

Aida said...

love the carrier, i am still a nak buat mei tai ni but tak buat2 lagi. but yay for baby wearing, i wear Ben in a kain sarong in the house, that budak is "allergic" to the floor..and now i master dah wear him on my own on my back.

aidafiqs adamia said...

retail theraphy,
insyaAllah a little creativity won't turn them aww aww =)

my first choice would be a wrap too but since i can't get any decent material to make a wrap with i went with a mei tai. you pakai kain sarong as in kain batik ke? cos i saw the pic of Frank wearing ben in something that looks like kain pelikat..? how long is that kainla..enough to make a wrap ke?

eira eixora said...

suke nya tgk akak suka menjahit. Saya pn suka jugak. Tp tak berkesempatan sebabnya saya masih belajar lagi. Jarang2 je dpt blk rmh

pearl beach said...

dear mommyadam,
saya really impressed dgn ur handmade MT. Very beautiful and kemas buatannya. Macam beli kat kedai.
Anyways, could you pls show me how to do it? saya mencari-cari mcm mana nak buat MT and what type of fabric you use? coz murah giler! thanks



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