Monday, May 26, 2008

Applique and Iron-On Transfer Tutorial


Plain baby onesie
Felt in various colours / fabric
Interfacing (if you’re using fabric) . If you can somehow get Heat and Bond, even better.
Some pins
Embroidery floss
A creative husband who can draw

1.First wash your baby onesie to pre-shrink it and dry.

2.Get your awesome husband to draw the image you want on paper. Try to Google for cute images to inspire him. If you’re like me and can’t draw to save your life then do not attempt to draw yourself.

3. Cut the drawing, pin on felt and cut out the pieces. If the piece is too small to pin, simply cut the little details by eye. No need for perfection here, the charm in handmade items are in the imperfections (you can repeat that sentence over and over like a chant).

4. If you’re using fabric instead of felt, you will need to iron interfacing on the back of your fabric before cutting it. This is to prevent the edges from fraying. You can also combine felt and fabric like I did here. I don’t have black and white felt so I simply use fabric scraps with interfacing for the eyes. I must say though that felt is simply wonderful for appliqué….

5.Assemble all your pieces together and sit back to admire how cute it looks. If it looks ugly, make your modifications now, before it’s too late.

6. Start stitching piece by piece, starting with the highest layer. For example with this one stitch the black part of the eye onto the white part of the eye. And then stitch the completed eye onto the face. You can use either a simple running stitch or a blanket stitch. You can use either same coloured thread or a contrasting thread. You can go crazy here with colours, up to you.

7. Once your entire appliqué is assembled, pin the appliqué onto your baby onesie and start stitching.

Congratulations, you’re done!

Ok if you want to learn about transfer too pls continue reading….


Blank shirt/onesie
Iron-on transfer paper
An iron
A computer with an inkjet printer

Tutorial :

1.Design your image/text in your pc
2.Print out your design onto the transfer paper. Remember to use mirror image option. Otherwise your image will be in reverse.
3.Cut out your image as close to the image as possible

4. Pre-heat your iron and iron your shirt flat
5. Place your cut-out image onto the shirt, right side down

6. Slowly iron it on
7. Wait until it’s cool and peel (or follow the instruction on the packet).


Now go chase after your baby and put it on right away!!! (you can because it’s already been washed!!)

Both of these are sooo simple. The hard part is in finding the items. You can try find transfer paper from a computer store. Felt I buy online from here.

Wish you luck! Do put up pictures once you’re done!!!


Anonymous said...

That is sooo cute!! you're so creative! How I wish I could sew...I sew buttons boleh lah huhu

Unknown said...

aida, cute sgt! tp yg iron-on transfer paper tu kalo basuh tak kuar ke ink die? rase mcm nak buat utk muzri boleh? hehhehe...

Fiza said...

aida, comel gile!!!

Sarah said...

i really like the design. really cute red monster :)

Anonymous said...

aida u beli bpr transfer paper tu sekeping?

tgk kat sini rm45 for 5 keping A4.

Anonymous said...

cutenya! adam montel. geram tgk. my adam tak montel dah.. sbb dia tak nak mkn sgt kut.

iL4na said...

aida cute sgt onesies ini. u make it sound soooo easy peazy but for sure-lah it's hard for me :P

Anonymous said...

perghhh... adam makin segakkk dengan red tingy!!

yang ayat last tu ada makna tu... macam suruh buat tag secara tersirat..

ummi sa'eed said...

nak separuh gila i carik the heat n bond/steam a seam. the fusible interfacing thing works ok, but have to jahit lah. the fact that i can't find the fusible web makes me want to have it even more! know what i mean?

btw, the transfer paper here in KLCC is RM58 for 10 pieces. mahal la jugak if RM45 for 5 pieces.

aidafiqs adamia said...

if you can sew buttons i'm confident you can sew this =)

it washes well dlm washing machine. ink tak kluar..boleh2 utk personalise t-shirts for muzri, yourself, hias2 bag, make a label...anything..the possibilities are endless, really

comel kan..hehe

the wording is original but the monster is not. we saw something similar somewhere and didn't want to pay rm60 for a tiny shirt.

i beli 10 keping A4 rm 36

nampak cam tembam sbb muka dia bulat.actually dia kenit je..baru 7 kilo berat dia..your adam is cute too wlaupun kurus =)

IT IS easy peasy =) i'm sure you can do it too sbb it's definitely easier than baking cupcakes

kak sue,
a'ah kan mcm bunyi soh buat tag lak hehehe...didn't really mean it that way tapi kalau ade org buat pun best jugak ;)

ummi saeed,
even with heat and bond i think u still need to jahit. otherwise it will fall off at some point especially with children's clothing since they will probably go through many washings..but the heat and bond will surely help the sewing process! if you do find it (cos after reading your comment i'm convinced that you're obsessed enough to eventually find it!hehe) pls do tell me where =)

ellyWong said...

makin hebat aida ni. cayo2..

yes yes, elly nak balik mesia. as soon as possible. tgk laa camne. :)

i wonder what's next. hmm... surprise me aida!!! :D

Anonymous said...

hi...kat mane u beli fabrik utk monster tu....cute sgt!

aidafiqs adamia said...

balik cuti? yay..

i ade letak link kat entry. the fabric is felt

Anonymous said...

That is the most adorable baby I have ever seen! Soooo qute. It’s always amaze me how creative people could be. Congrats, Adam’s Tee looks so expensive and professionally done. I would like to ask your permission to display Adam’s Tee at MarinaCraft Gallery.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! so cute... rajinyerr buat sume tu.. keep up the enthusiasm... can nadhrah have one? heheh..

Intan said...

hi..saya accidentally stumble upon blog ni...anyway very creative! and thanks for the marinacraft link..lepas ni boleh la try the way saya add ur blog link at my blog: mehla lawat..

iL4na said...

urk aida i dont know y but i had a dream that when i open your blog u dah start jual your craft secara rasminya (i even have the template design of the web on my head now)..and it's really making money!! aiyo isnt that a good sign?

aidafiqs adamia said...

don't have a clue how u found my blog but tq for visiting! i love your online store!soo do you plan on selling fabric anytime soon?hehe. feel free to display adam's onesie pic at your gallery,we'd be honoured. more pics at my husband's flikr here -

umi nadhrah,
thanks for the encouragement...i'm planning on organizing a blog give-away soon so maybe nadhrah if nadhrah wins i can make her one =)

thank you for linking me! i'll be visiting soon!

wah your dream is my dream (job)!wouldn't that be awesome.. insyaAllah i'll aim towards that...sometime in the future...(rase mcm jauh lagiiiiii) hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That's so cool :) Thanks for sharing the tutorial... but I wouldn't know when I'll be able to do one! :P

Anonymous said...

hye MommyAdam,
Onesie biru tu beli kat mana ye? Me cari2 asik jumpa romper biasa aje, yg ada lengan tu. Dia skrg ni asik panas, tu yg nak cari sleeveless.
Thanx in advance!

Hada Masayu said...

wow aida..hebat sggttttt!!!aku sgt2 tertarik & i'd really love to venture into this hobby very2 soon..xsabar rasenya..nmpak sgt interesting..bole buat bj sniri, handbag, hiasan rmh..i love it!!!! maybe after aku settlekan benda2 wedding akuni..merimaskan kalo byk sgt bnda yg xsettle..hehe..maybe aku bole melantik ko sbg mentor aku ;)

aidafiqs adamia said...

wish u luck in trying it..

i beli kat reject shop.terjumpa.comelkan sleeveless

jomla..bestnye kalau ade geng crafting =)


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