Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free blog Give-Away!!!

I think it’s about time I arrange a blog give-away. For you wonderful blogger friends who have been truly supportive in my journey of motherhood.

I would like to craft something special for one of you, handmade with love. I shall not make the item yet, until I know who the winner is, so that I can make something unique, just for that person. Free of charge of course =)

At the same time, my husband would like to offer a free photography session (outdoor or indoor) for this person. He is seeking to start his photography part time/suka2 business soon (insyaAllah) so this would also be a great opportunity for him to improve and showcase his work. The winner will receive free softcopy of the photos from the photoshoot.

So how to win? Click here to go my husband’s Favourite photo collection. Choose one photo that you love the best, and leave a comment to tell him why you love that photo. We’ll pick a winner from there.
Edited: I just realized you can’t leave a comment unless you’re a Flikr member. Not everyone has a Flikr account, right. If you don't have a Flirk account, just choose a photo number and leave the comment here in my blog entry.

I think this is also an excuse for me to meet one of you (masa photoshoot). Since meeting Along was so much fun! Hehe…

Here’s my favourite photo from the collection. I was rather surprised when I saw this photo. It’s like a magic moment frozen in time. Tq hubby for capturing it =)


ellyWong said...

wahhhhhhhhhh.. best ni best ni... tapi kalau elly menang (perasan dulu), photographer dtg sini ker? huhuhu...

Anonymous said...

wah, ada peraduan lagi. good idea u got there. Selamat berkenalan. u might know my hubby, chip..

aidafiqs adamia said...

kalau elly menang kite buat photoshoot bila elly balik msia ek...hehehe..adam blom ade passportla..hehehe...

hiii..welcome to the blog..tak pernah jumpa you kan..kem slm kat Chip..

ummi sa'eed said...

when is the closing date and how many entries?

gonna call my writers and editors because we gonna WIN this! nyeh nyeh nyeh...

Anonymous said...

i bole participate lagi tak?
hahaha. kire i dah bolot2 dua2 hadiah sebelom ni huhuhuhuhu.

sebagai antara 'pelanggan' pertama, saya mmg puas hati dgn perkhidmatan mereka berdua. hahaha. silakan support encik aida & tuan taufiq kita.

idup aidafiq!

-hafiy kata dia rindu kat adam.

aidafiqs adamia said...

Ummi Saeed,
wah looks like i didn't really think this through..hehe..let's give it about a week and you may submit as many entries as you like..wish u luck =)

along and hafiy banned from the competition! hehehe..takdelah..sila2 enter..who knows u bolot yg ni jugak...huhuhu...goodluck..

Anonymous said...

wahh semangatnya!siap ada pertandingan lagi.

Hada Masayu said...

ala aida..bagi akujela pemenang tanpa bertanding ;p..bagi can la kat bride-to-be nih..heheh ;p

aidafiqs adamia said...

sila2 masuk competition =)

ala enter je..baru 2 entry so far. ntah2 ko menang..hehe

kemaryahya said...

aida, aku br je start buat blog..hada yg beriye2 ajak aku berblogging. tapi br post satu free aku tambah lagi cerite.
pls add to ur link k..

ummi sa'eed said...

ni ada soalan tak berkaitan:

for the mei tai carrier, you pakai apa utk headrest dia? quilt punye batting ke? i'm thinking of making a magician's cape. tgh pk the best material to make a raised collar.

btw, i found the fusible web...muahahaha...kat Sakura Sewing Shop, SS 19/6.


Hada Masayu said...

kena buat solat hajat nih ;p

Anonymous said...

ingatkan taknak masuk tapi tak rugi pape pun kan kalau join the competition kan?
pic nr. 12 is the most beautiful.seems like they are having fun together.macam si hafiy nak share something secret yang kelakar dgn adam.nampak diorg mesra sangat wpun baru 1st time jumpa.the smile on adam's face is soo genuine

aidafiqs adamia said...

welcome to the blogging world...

ummi saeed,
for the mei tai i used foam for padding. but it's soft. i think if you want to make a raised collar you can get very thick interfacing. lagi senang nak tegak la kot..


tq for your comment =) tak ramai enter ni..senang je nak menang...hehe

Anonymous said...

ala besnyeeee dpt homemade from aida!! nk adiah gaks.. ade sorg winner je ke? buat la ade grand prize , 2nd and 3rd.. huhu.. higher chances sket nk dpt adiah.. hehe.. nnt fedy nk pilih gamba ngan puyu.. hahaha.. bersungguh2 tuh.. :p ade closing date ke?

Anonymous said...

love no.45! cos it captures mommy looking at her son looking ever so baby-cool in his sunnies ;-) "anakku...anakku..."

Mamamarina said...

hi aida...

nak try naseb plak.. i love pic no 29 - feeling blue.. the reasons 1)the combination colour of the pics so perfect and cheeerful 2)nice angle 3)Adam and Mummy staring Daddy with lovely look 4)the image and background is captured equally. i would like to say this pic is perfect and really catch up my eyes.

Sue.Aleen said...

semua best ok...

cuma akak minat pada no. 4 *since i like kids so much*..

caption dia... "coz we speak the same language".. seolah-olah macam tu la perasaannya bila tengok gambo tu. macam hafiy nak luahkan perasaan pada adam & adam macam a very good listener...

ntah la.. simply like it! owh.. perlukah ada reason untuk menyukai sesuatu? arghhh!

aidafiqs adamia said...

closing date end of this week la ek?hopefully next week boleh start buat present for the winner =)

hehe...tq for your entry..

tq for the comments...

kak sue,
tq for your entry =)

Hada Masayu said...

aida tunggu aku..aku akan make sure aku submit before sunday..that is the last day kan..hehe..aku nak hadiah ;p

aidafiqs adamia said...

ok hada..
last day sunday =)

Unknown said...

aida..aku ketinggalan la..bole masuk lg tak? nak menang gakk.. ;(

Unknown said...

tak kire..nak gak komen..tak masuk peraduan pun xpelah! ;p

Aida, i looovveee pic 38..with the green background and scattered leaves around.. Adam is really cute and ready to conquer the world!

caption :"Hey green thingy, i'm not just gonna crawl on u, i'm gonna step on u soon!!"

Hada Masayu said...

Ok aida, here goes my comment:

Why i admire picture no 23 soooo much?? (adam - 7month)

It grabs people attention with Adam's brilliant look as if he want to share his happy-amusing character..hehe..he's so cute & adorable =)..married people who plan not to have baby will definitely change their mind once gazing at this picture ;)

Anonymous said...

helo crafty mommy,

can you sew me one simple tote (as in to stuff in all dotter's nursery stuff!) with 'Sarah' embroidered at the top-centre of the bag.
This embroidery 'font'is fun, (just giving you some ideas):

omigod. this contestant sgt demand eh? har har.

good luck on the photography job, papa dadam!

Anonymous said...

51 - Friendship

Fateh said " ko rasa mak ko nampak tak aku pegang tangan ko ni?"

Adam said " kompem nampak. ni ha mak aku tersengih2 ni ha... "

Fareh said again... " camne ko nampak ha? mak ko kat belakang kot "

Adam replied (act like macho) : " ni ha cermin ni.. aku rasa la kan.. silap2 mak aku letak gambar kita ni kat blog dia ni.. "

Fateh again " jangan2 siap buat competition dam... "

Adam " tu la tu.... harap2 uncle badiuz la menang"

Fateh... "uncle Badiuz?"

aidafiqs adamia said...

i love that photo too. have it as my laptop wallpaper right now =) ko masih belom terlambat..heh

makes me think (your comment about making married ppls wants to have kids)about how awesome if his pics does in fact convince some ppls to have babies! cos babies are just YUMMY!!!

mama scmontel,
would love to make you the tote bag if you win (i love making bagggssssss!!) but..where's you entry?

you ALWAYSSS crack us up!!! you must MUST make a blog ok..

Hada Masayu said...

aida..annoucement winner bila??hehe..xsaba nak tau...besnye kalo dpt beg ko,hehe..


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