Monday, March 2, 2009

an entry on sewing, finally!

I didn’t sew anything for a long while since we got here. In fact until a week ago my sewing machine has been still packed up in its box. I’ve been having trouble finding a decent fabric store in London. Somehow I was under the impression that London would have amazing fabric stores full of gorgeous fabrics like in the US. It turns out it’s rather difficult to find good fabric stores.

I’m keen to start quilting. Last Saturday I finally found a quilt store. But it’s in Zone 3, quite far from central London. It took us an hour on the tube to get there. But the fabrics were awesome.

Adam fell asleep on the way back

I’ve borrowed a book from the local library on quilting. Last night I started to work with the jelly roll (second pic). The colours are mostly dark reds, cream, brown – very autumn. I’m hoping it would go beautifully with our couch. I’m making a smallish nap quilt. I’ll blog about that later.

It’s rather tricky to squeeze some crafting time with Adam around. He wouldn’t let me near the machine. But I can sew at night or his naptime if I’m lucky.
Look at the fabrics, aren’t they pretty. I have them displayed on the top of the main heater, just so that I could stare at them all day. Sigh…


mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

im pretty much confident tat in no time ur quilt will be ready and posted up here...
coz the minute u say u gonna do it, it really means "i'm doing it"

can't wait for it =)

btw, if u need anything from m'sia do inform me, (err i mean small things yg not so bulky,hihi) coz dad will be going there end of the month, n u can pick it up kt the hotel

portobellamom said...

aida, happy quilting!!!

x sabar nak tgk the end result~ mesti cuns!!

bile dah start sure you cant stop! i didnt finish my quilt becos x habis blajar lagi and i dont know how to follow instructions from the book..huhuhu.but knowing u, i'm sure you'll be able to do it on your own.


Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

wah aida, tak dpt kubygkan aku berquilting..anyway, mungkin hobby di masa akan datang. good luck!

p/s : check email yahoo ko. ada sum questions aku email.

Anonymous said...

wahhh aida, tak sabar nak tgk hasilnya. agree dgn munirah, tiap kali u ckp nak buat, sure terus siap!

cepat cepat post.. bole bg tips plak pasni.

Wiera said...

aida, those fabrics are very pretty. can't wait to see ur quilt.

aidafiqs adamia said...

tq for having the faith in me! hehe..insyaAllah i'll post about the quilt soon..and tq for the offer! i'm thinking what would i like to kirim..hehe...

mama shazzy,
you went to a class?great! i wish there's one here so i could learn better.i'm just doing a simple one, i'm not even following a pattern. just imagined what i would like in my head and bulldoze through...hehe. i just hope it'll turn out ok..

i'll check my email.

insyaAllah i'll post it up soon. though not sure how soon cos quilting seems to take time...

they are gorgeous aren't they? but u live in the US right..i'm sure the fabrics in your fabric stores there are just delish..

Anonymous said...

aida, near my place...there's one quilting shop. never been inside before but whenever i pass it...i can see lots of fabrics. i wish i can sew like u...will go nuts when i enter that store :). have to drop by someday to see what are their selections.

btw, im going to london mid july...insyaAllah. if i have time n ur free...wanna meet u.

Unknown said...

dot, bestnye quilting! dah lame nak cube tp have no time la.. mak aku tererla quilt. can't wait to see the end result! ;)

Anasfadilah said...

all the fabricsss


mesti bet kedai kain kat sana...

Shada said...



aidafiqs adamia said...

you don't know how lucky you are! pls go in the shop and take photos for me? you're coming to london?? yeah do come visit if you're free me at

wow mak ko terer quilt eh?cayalah..kat mana dia beli wadding kat msia ek..

kinda hard to find the good fabric stores..but once jumpa the fabric selection is great..

bestkan...hopefully boleh jahit something good with it..

Wiera said...

Aida...insyaAllah will try to take pics for u in the quilting shop :)

Anonymous said...

aida, this is soo great.. nanti awak dah start sew, kite nk order bw lahh bleh..?

naza said...

hi been reading ur blog sometimes..I suke quilting gak..where's that shop as i stayed in north london as to share?many thanks. :)
p/s:can i link urs?

Ti said...

Hi akak,
Found your blog while blog hopping. May I know where this shop is since I have been looking for one that is decently price, I am in North london as well (and from sheffield but 2003-2006).

I have been going to Designer's Guild in Kings Road (chelsea), they are gorgeous but quite expensive. However during the winter sale the prices went down quite a lot so doable lah.

Thanks, and love your work by the way:)


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