Saturday, February 28, 2009

Adam's new developments

We have internet, FINALLY! Argh…the relief..alhamdulillah..gosh, I AM addicted..

So many things have happened, I don’t know where to start. Before I start rambling I better just update on what’s happened today.

Adam had a particularly great day today at Portman Children Centre. They have cooking lessons on Fridays and today it’s pancake day. Adam was so interested to participate. He has been cooking with me everyday. I cook with him in the Mei Tai on my back. I’ve watched him play with cooking utensil toys in the Centre and saw him repeat what he’d seen me do. Today, he get to help out.
cooking class
adam suka dpt tolong kacau..
And then he went on to the water bath as usual. That’s his favourite play area. But after that he went to paint! It’s his first time. I was afraid he might eat the paint or something. But he was in the little apron and Pua Choo Kang boots so I thought why not. He had so much fun. Sure his clothes and hands and face got painted as well but why cares? He was so happy..

he made a lovely painting today..

At the end they had the usual singing time and this was my favourite part of the day today. A lady dressed like a hippie would come with her guitar and sing with the kids. Normally this is the part where Adam would start to withdraw, rub his eyes like he’s sleepy or start to get cranky. I think he was uncomfortable because it wasn’t familiar and everybody else seems to know all the songs. But today, he actually participated! He jumped, he danced, he sang, he went up to get the toys from the lady, and he even touched the lady’s guitar! Oh I was so proud of him!!

Adam going in to get the duckies. she hands out toys according to the songs they'll sing

Adam's getting more confident

confident enough to get his own snack :)

My baby’s growing up…sigh…


Anonymous said...


I'm so proud of u!

Miss u Dadam!

- Uncle Badiuz, Manager Training Centre Development, Kiddo Kickers Academy

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

oh y cant we have al those facilities here in Malaysia for FREE?

Unknown said...

lame tunggu u update blog.. hihihihi
wahhh.. besnyeee ade tempat camni... menarik laa...

Emma said...

agree dgn munirah...

awat la kat mesia xde facilities mcm nie... dr beli kasut/personal stuff (agak2 sape ek?? *wink wink*) baik la provide benda2 mcm nie kat rakyat..

-mama emma-

Anonymous said...

oh soo sweet adam!

aida & readers, come & join the community of Supermoms here :

bole share2 :)

Ernie Khairina said...

aida, so lovely and interesting place for kids! okk..maybe i can start dreaming that too..auwww..see you next year..cheh!

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

we should have one of this kind in malaysia!

Unknown said...

ooh..bestnye kalo kat sini pon ade centre camni. miss u both!

aidafiqs adamia said...

congrats on your academy! you really pursue your dreams huh?awesome!can't wait to get adam to join it..we're so proud of you!and, adam miss you too you know!

munirah, too right. we should have the same facilities in msia!

tq for reading!sorry, we had no internet for ages..

mama emma,


jadi dtg next year? cpt2!hehe


cpt dtg sini..boleh bwk baby pegi centre camni nnt..hehe


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