Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome to London

We have a few guests in the house this week. So glad they're here! Aina, Badiuz and Imran, thank you for coming! here are some photos..but i think they probably have more photos..

We went to Stamford Bridge to get Adam signed up for Chelsea...heheh..

biggest Chelsea fan!

takleh mengaku jadi Arsenal fan kat sini...bahaya...hehe..

New Chelsea players

they're here until monday. hope they're enjoying themselves..


Ernie Khairina said...

aida, comeynye adam!krm salam kat derang ye..bile pula kitorang nk sampai sane? hehe..have fun!

Zaila Mohamad said...

bestnyer g jalan2;-)

kemaryahya said...

dapat tak maggie ruski tomyam ko?

Anonymous said...

london, 840a.m- aida n taufik, our flight is ready to take off now. thank you so much for your hospitality.our experience here in london were perfectly wonderful because of you guys. thanks again for everything. we miss maida vale, already ;( ~aina, badiuz n imran

hugs n kisses for adam pls~

aidafiqs adamia said...

diorg dah balik..isk isk..


dpt2..hehe...byk giler aina bawak..

aina,badiuz and imran,
miss you guys!hope you get home safely...

imran said...

Kak Aida, rindu la kat Maida Vale. Rindu kat Adam gak. Didn't get the chance to say goodbye to him. Isk. I personally wanna say my thanks to u and abg Taufiq for everything, the hospitality and entertaining us, bawak kitorg jenjalan despite ur condition with the baby, masak utk kitorg lagi and memacam lagilah! Thanks tau! We did get home safely although tadi sangkut jap kat airport sbb badan panas. Derang pakai thermal camera to detect! Nasib baik lepas after thorough checking. Phew! Anyway, I'll post the link to the pictures I've taken later when I got it uploaded. Hoping that we could meet again in the near future. Tata for now.

aidafiqs adamia said...

tq for leaving the very nice message! it was no trouble at all, we were glad you guys were here..we miss you! imran demam ke masa balik? nasib baik lepas yer..kalau tak kene balik londonlah!hehehe....hope to see you guys again soon in september!


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