Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To three of the world's Best Fathers...

My husband - Adam loves him, respects him and listens to him. He is a wonderful father and watching him with Adam makes me a better mother too..I am so lucky he is the father to my children..

My father - There is nothing in the world he wouldn't do for his children. I cannot wish for a better father. He was always there for me, proud of me when i was at my best and to support me when i was at my worst. I love you so much, Abah...and i miss you so much..

My father in-law - He is a great father. He is patient, respectful and down to earth. I am so glad my husband inherited many of his wonderful traits..

Happy Father's Day!


Anonymous said...

comelnya adam buat mimik muka mcm tu.

Unknown said...

jelesnye tgk aina and badiuz..nak gi sane gak! dot,how to contact you ek? email ko ape skang?

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you!

chun, aku

Ms J said...

aida, my son confuse tgk gambar2 Adam...die kata die....hahaha....siyap ckp gamba adam dgn daddy die...tu gambar die dgn papa dia..huhuhu.....


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