Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trip to Scotland

The past few week has been really hectic, with the sudden Big News and also my auntie and her energetic family of 9 came over for their holiday.

Liverpool fans

I took them around london and later we rented a couple cars and drove up to Scotland. Pit stops at Oxford, Liverpool, Manchester, Blackpool, Stirling, Edinburg, St Andrews, Newcastle etc. It was so much fun..and also exhausting since i'm prone to getting sick in the you can imagine. Adam pulak takleh dok diam..

tapi Adam happy giler sbb ade Iris..geng dia..nak ajak dia bgn tido, sebut je nama Iris..

At the moment they're off to Disneyland Paris for a few days. But they'll be back later this week..Adam's already missing them..

new maternity shoes from Hubby

told you these guys are energetic..

this pregnancy, as you can probably guess, wasn't exactly planned. But I guess He has a better plan for us, and we accept this gift with open arms..Alhamdulillah..hopefully Adam will too :)

sneaked into somebody's sheep farm

we're expecting more guests in the coming weeks..stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

nice shoes..clarks yer? model apa ye..

Anonymous said...

happy to see u happy :)

Unknown said...

lot a fun ya aida,..enjoy the moment with lovely hubby an take care ya

ibuhannah said...

aida....just knew bout your pregnancy..congratulations!!!!! =)

kemaryahya said...

1st : syukur dah pregnant lagi
2nd : suke sgt gmbr korng ber3 ni. suasananya..sungguh nyaman..aku sgt suke..

mommy umar said...

Aida...i love the way u took the pixs.seriousss cantik ok.btw,congrats for your next baby.wishing it's gurl.hehehe.ada la adam sister.

yumyum said...

omg aida, i had the exact same clarks which i bought during my pregnancy last year! its the comfiest shoes ive ever worn n im still wearing it till now. but too bad they didnt have the red one here @ that time, so i settled with blue :)

Hada Masayu said...

aida, congrats!!! :)

Anonymous said...

saw the "yeop" entry in flickr, then terpikir, eh why "yeop" .. adam nak dpt adik ke? heheh..

now i know.


aidafiqs adamia said...

a'ah clarks..tapi taktaula model ape..

thank you!

thanks..i will..

ibu hannah,
thannk u!

thanks :) ko pulak..hows ur pregnancy going?

tq..maybe girl?who knows..

yes..really comfy! i love it!

tq darling..

hehe..adam jadi yeoplah..hehe

rOse said...

the last and 2nd last pic was so nice..

Unknown said...

Aida!! congrats!!

say..u ll b due by jan 2010..

ME TOO!!! heheh!

p/s: lynn dah 32 wks dah..due in JULY!

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you!

gimme ur number pls, i need to call you! first of all, aku taktau korg dah kawen!!??and second, congratulationson the pregnanncy! OMG..i'm so out of it! i heard izza pun dah dpt anak?? fiza i'm due near our birthdays! how about you?? me ur number (

MN said...

hehehe..sungguh energetic!

Anonymous said...

hi there,

i hope it's not too late for me to congratulate u on ur pregnancy =)
im 1 of ur silent readers.. jus tot of getting some opinions fr u.. is it advisable for me to travel(by plane) when im about a week pregnant? what r the consequences? thsnks so much in advance! take care!


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