Monday, July 6, 2009

Tok Nen and Tok Yah's visit

Been busy this past week with more guests in the house. TokYah and TokNen came to visit. Adam immediately took to TokNen, asik nak Toknen dukung dia je...dgn Mommy pun tanak dah...hehe..

They are the most thoughtful guests! Tokyah dtg dr Malaysia bag full of things for us. Serunding, nasi himpit dan byk durian, lempuk, dah ikan bilis from my mom. Presents for Adam too. Tok Nen pulak dtg dr Denmark pun bwk byk hadiah for us. tak cukup lagi..everyday here sambil shopping utk saudara mara di msia, diorg beli jugak buah tgn hari2...untuk myself, hubby and adam. Mkn pun sedap Tokyah masak...hehe...thank you TokNen,Tokyah...

smlm bawak diorg pegi Cambridge. Kawan2 ofis Toknen pun ade jugak...

naik punt kat Camridge..seronok..

mlm ni diorg balik Malaysia...have a safe trip home...


Anonymous said...

oho patut la blog ni sepi rupanya tuan rumah bizi.

Jane Sunshine said...

Aida, do you take the coach to cambridge? do you do a one day trip?

aidafiqs adamia said...

a'ah, sorry..

we took the's just a one hour ride..yes daytrip.try it!are you in london already?do you still want to have a playdate in regents park?


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