Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mini Sports Day at Newpin

Yesterday Adam and I went to Newpin, another children centre that we go to on Wednesdays. Thankfully they haven't had any cases of swine flu yet so as of now we can still go there. We both were looking forward to it, since we're going mad from staying in the house for too long.

Adam at the 'obstacle course'

They had a mini Sports Day for the kids which was fun. I didn't take too many photos because I participated in the activities with Adam. He was really excited to join in.

Adam with the 'parachute'

We met Elizabeth and his mom. The kids hadn't seen each other in so long so they were happy to be playing together. Her mom and I had some time to chat, oh, it's just nice to have a real adult conversation instead of just toddler babble..hehe..

Adam and Liza pretending to be asleep cos they didn't want to leave

Oh when will this swine thing be over?It's so hard being cooped up at home...i'm going insane! I have half a mind to just ignore it and go about our activities as usual...


Anonymous said...

berita terkini h1n1 dah menjangkau 100k cases di sana. jaga diri baik2aida n famili.

Anonymous said...

im ur silent reader.
just a suggestion,
proceed la with ur sewing project time2 kena quarantine nih. miss ur creative handmade ;) hehe. take care!

aidafiqs adamia said...


silent reader,
you know what?i miss sewing too! but the problem is, i'm always with Adam and he never lets me near the sewing machine! if i do he climbs all over me, climbs up the sewing machine table, change the setting on the machine etc. that's why i haven't been sewing anymore...sigh...

Hida Naza said...

salam Aida,

i'm your silent reader too. just want to ask you on the preschool there. senang ke nak register? kalau you boleh buat entry about it, bagus jugak. we will be in manchester next september. never been there, so need some information. thank you.

aidafiqs adamia said...

Salam Hida,
Thank you for reading. actually i'm afraid i cannot help you there because Adam isn't in pre-school yet. pre-school here is for kids 3 years and above. the 'school' that i've been taking Adam to is called Drop-in, which is a free facility for kids from 0-5years old whereby the mothers will stay there with the kids, not leave them there like in pre-school. more like a mother-toddler group..let me know if the Drop-in is the one you're interested in..

senoritafiza said...

aida, the swine flu will never be over like i think until 2010 kot. and the worse part is the virus is spread by humans yang sangat jahat sbb nak lakukan vaksin die..

Hida Naza said...

Thanks Aida, actually what I meant is the Drop-in...since that i will be SAHM, it is good for me to kill the time too.

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes it will only get worse probably.but i hope they will find the vaccine really think the virus is man-made?aina pun ckp camtu haritu...

i'm not sure if Manchester has the same facilities or not. try looking for Children Centres when you get there. another thing to try is go into the local library, or the neighbourhood centre, they will usually have a listing for all the under 5 year old activities. goodluck!

Hida Naza said...

Thank you for the info.


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