Friday, July 31, 2009

First Check-up (15 weeks)

I finally had my first check-up yesterday. It's been a long wait since i missed my first appointment so i must say i was so relieved. I met the midwife, Rhian, who just happened to have just recently lived in KL for 2 years. We had a nice chat, she asked me all sorts of questions about my previous pregnancy, medical history etc. She explained about diet etc. She took my weight and height. I was surprised and relieved that i didn't gain much weight cos i was so sure i must've gained at least 5 kg because Baby has been making me eat so much even when i had no appetite. A nurse came and took my blood sample very efficiently which again impressed me because all my life i've always had a problem everytime someone drew my blood because it always take at least 2 tries before it can be done. Not to mention the pain and bruising that will come later. But this time no pain and hardly any bruising. Then Rhian scheduled me for a scan later in the afternoon. The whole process took almost 2 hours! To be honest, i'm really glad! In Malaysia when i was pregnant with Adam the check-ups normally take hours too, but all of that time are spent in the doctor's waiting room. the actual time spent talking to the doctor is literally 5 minutes, and that was together with the scanning. Hardly any time to ask any questions or learn anything much about the pregnancy.

After meeting the midwife we went for lunch and then came back for my scan. We saw Baby! Swimming around looking much like Adam did when he was in there...hehe. She checked the organs, limbs, brain, etc...everything looks great...Alhamdulillah..Adam pun happy dpt tgk Baby :)

Adam was so protective throughout. Everytime the midwife/nurse came near me to scan/draw blood Adam started wailing as if he thinks they're going to hurt me. Hehe...thank you Adam..


Along said...

So,baby girl ke boy?

adaho said...

seems like adam will be a good brother,indeed...good to know that everyting went well...

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

alhamdulillah...everythings to go well.

oh about the blood taking, i have the same prob...n i would always prepare myself for few attempts. believe it or not once, they had to "poke" me 11 times!!

Ernie Khairina said...

waiting for ur next update and take care..adam comel la, bodyguard mommy!

aidafiqs adamia said...

blom check lg the sex of the baby. next scan masa 20 weeks nanti kot baru check...

insyaAllah...hopefully :)

wow...i takpenah lak sampai 11 kali..paling byk mungkin 5-6 kali kot..but..sakit kan kalau dia dah salah masuk tu...once i donated blood, they took so many tries tak dpt blood sampai tukar tgn kiri kanan finally dpt sikit je blood diorg kata kite bagi blood ni kat baby jelah..

thank you!

Kristen's Raw said...

Adam is so cute. Congratulations on your successful pregnancy. Enjoy :)


Pial Khadilla Abdullah said...

alaaa so cute! see hospitals in the UK aren't that bad. at least they've got a good system going on compared to Msia's

syaz said...

this post make me smile :D
cutenyer adam jaga mommy..

Ms J said...

bestkan check up kt sini kan aida....i masa anomaly scan tu..mmg surprised gile...psl mmg lama gile scan...and org yg scan tu xde pun mcm in kita pon relax....xmcm kt KL...sume pon cpt2...psl ramai dok tunggu kt luar...huhuhu...

Anonymous said...

sis,i'm ur silent reader.hehe..congratz on ur pregnancy.hope everything goes well.feel free to watch my baby video at my blog.hehe

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you!

you're right. they're not bad at all..

Thank you!

A'ah la...i tak sabar nak tunggu my anomaly scan next..

thank you!


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