Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big tote

another bag i sew..this time it's a much bigger one. Big enough to fit A4 documents.

i'm really enjoying sewing again..i'm just using the fabrics i already have on hand..scraps or fabric i bought but never used..

I think i'll make a few more items and then hopefully i can open my Etsy store! insyaAllah....

p/s: I've a meet up with a London Knitting group in my area tomorrow evening! i've never knitted in my life....but they say beginners can come and learn! i can't wait!


Ernie Khairina said...

aida, lajunye ko london knitting group mesti best..aku pernah gak buat dulu2 tapi tak pernah siap =(

CuppyCakeMommy said...

cantik2..nak beli ni price bape?..heheh..postage from london lagi..aduihh..tapi mmg cun

raylis said...

mashaa Allaah, very nice aida! :D

cepat bukak kedai etsy tu, sure laku!

aidafiqs adamia said...

bag tu dah siap haritu, buat sekali dgn first bag..tapi tak sempat nak amik pics (adam sibuk2 kacau nak main kamera). now aku tgh jahit project lain...nnt aku taruk pic..

betulke nak ada etsy? harga taktau shipping tak mahal sgt kot..sbb bag ringan je..nnt i cek...

tq ;) insyaAllah soon...

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

aida,shop not open yet u've got the buyer already! tahniah

Unknown said...

mmg actually kalo jaga baby ni lagi penat and mase lg occupied dr kerja ofis kan? i make sure sblm baby 2 sampai u open the etsy store tau! kalo tak kang lagilaaaa bz ;)

syaz said...

yes aida,
you sew so nice :D

Unknown said...

salam mommy adam. nama saya wanee..saya terserempak with your blog via kak fedy punya blog.

i really like you nitty crafty. as u mention you like to make bags...i was wondering if you can make a bag for me for work. i dont mind paying. i need a sling back about A5 size. i dah survey bags for a few month but cant seem to find one i like.

if you are interested...e-mail me back at then we can discussed in details. btw i tinggal kat isle of wight, portsmouth.

hope to hear from you soon.



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