Friday, September 4, 2009

Knitting group meet-up

The meet up started around 6pm. My husband came home early to stay home with Adam...Thank you bang!!! I took the's held in a Costa Coffee in Picadilly..

I was rather nervous about meeting these new people..but i didn't need to be. They were very nice people..the meet up was kinda like a casual gathering..everybody brought their own project and shared with everybody else..

There were 2 other people who are complete beginners like me, one of them a man. We've been told earlier the suggested needles and yarn to bring. One of the ladies, Trisha, taught me how to start casting and doing the knit stitch. So we started knitting while conversations and coffee flow around the table. Another lady, Betty, who i was told is the expert in the group taught me more about knitting and how to proceed next..

I really enjoyed myself. considering the fact that to enter a knitting class would've costed me 100+ pounds...this was great bargain! not only did i learn knitting for free..i get to meet these great people too..they hold these meetings every 2 weeks...

ok i only ended up with a small section of knitting done..hehe...but knitting is meant to be slow and relaxing...yes...i felt very calm just knitting away slowly....hopefully i'll get to learn more..

p/s: by the time i got home (around 9 pm) Adam hardly realised i was missing! haha...Daddy said he was very well behaved...


Ernie Khairina said...

bestnye entry ni sebab

1)tetibe jek naik tube sorang2
2)pastuh jumpe nice stranger =D 3)doing great stuff together

(cheh best tak komen aku dot?)

Unknown said...

ko belajarla ek..nanti blk sini ajar aku lak. buat knitting group lak ke..huhu!

nak tambah.
1) naik tube sorg2 @ London :)

Anonymous said...

jelesnya belajar knitting. i tak tau nak buat tapi suka tgk org buat. ermm.. my adam dah ada adik :) hehe

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

nak naik tube!
(ceh, ape tah komen aku)

hilmi said...

whatt????awww maann..mcm korg ckp eh bestnye naik lrt..or KOMUTER!!!!heh

Ernie Khairina said...

Bcoz kat Malaysia takde tube yang bertingkat2 =D (well imi,you're embarrassing us here u know =D =D )
Kat malaysia pun tak naik KTM.. heh

aidafiqs adamia said...

ernie, baru second time aku pegi kluar sorg2 without adam..

boleh2 insyaAlah...

u dah bersalin! congrats!!!!

fizah and ernie,
takde ape yg special pun naik tu tak bertingkat pun...hehe


Ernie Khairina said...

kt paris ari tuh bertingkat2 (section by section underground) huhu tak penah g london =( kalau kurik baca ni pasti teruja


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