Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First knitting project

Taraaa! hehe...i'm quite thrilled that I managed to finish it. It's basically just 2 rectangles of the same stitches over and over...but it was really good practice. I've learned a few more things while making it and now i feel more comfortable holding the needles and that makes knitting quicker..

Looking forward to the next group meet-up :)
p/s: It's a cosy for my camera


maans said...

very nice. u ni talented betul. envy la. hehe. senang tak nak buat?

hikmah* said...

aida, that's neat! congrats, u've finally made it!

nant dh expert pejam mata pon boleh buat eh? selalu tgk org knitting sambil borak2, sambil tgk tv, mata xyah tgk needles pon!

Naziehah said...

Oh Aida, you are so my Domestic Teacher! I really enjoyed reading about your creativity journey. You are such an inspiration :)

Keep up the good work dear.

Unknown said...

sungguh rajin kamu aida..ader jer time buat semua ni...kalo i..entahlah...

aidafiqs adamia said...

senang je sebenarnye, yg ni takde pattern ape2 yg payah..repeat je bende yg i only find it easy lps dah ade org tunjuk camne nak buat..before this ade jugak try tgk buku...susah nak paham..

betul2..esp kalau repeat stitches mcm ni..takyah kire, takyah ikut pattern..mmg boleh buat sambil tgk tv, sembang etc..

kak naziehah,
alamak...i'm hardly a domestic teacher! senang je ni...tryla..

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

a genius is still a almost anything!


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