Thursday, October 29, 2009

Designer Diaper Bag

Here's the diaper bag..only..err...I'm the designer! konon2...hehe..Ok i gotta tell you first off, I'm in love with this diaper bag so there'll be a lot of gushing in this entry probably :) I was trying not to obsess 24-7 about my problems in the previous entry so I threw myself into making this bag and I'm sooo glad I did!

The outer body of the bag is made with Joel Dewberry's home dec fabric from the Ginseng collection and it is just lovely! I swear it was calling out to me so I 'accidentally' bought extra amount of the fabric. I used fusible fleece on the outer body..this is my first time using it and I'm definitely getting more of that stuff! It's so easy to iron on, sews beautifully and holds up the shape up the bag well without making creases or making the bag stiff. Kinda like a quilted bag but without having to quilt, you know?

On the sides I made elastic pockets for water bottles

For the closing on the flap, I used these great magnetic snaps. It's my first time using them too..they're so cheap, and i didn't have to sew them on, and they give such a professional finish! I got them (and the fusible fleece) from U-handbag.

On the inside I made lots of elastic pockets for all the baby items..3 smaller pockets for Baby..

and 2 larger pockets for Adam. I added a zipper pocket for my own personal items time keys, hp, oyster card, cash, camera..etc.

I made these buggy straps on the sides

Here's what they look like when hung on the buggy

Also I made a diaper changing pad from the same fabric to match

This one is really simple to make. Just draw a template like the above shape, sew around right sides together leaving a hole, turn right side out and topstitch. Add velcro if you want it folded up nicely. For this one I used fusible fleece again as the padding and I use fusible laminate on the polka-dot fabric. I got the fusible laminate from U-handbag too. It serves the purpose of making the changing pad waterproof (and I get to use matching fabric) but I don't think I like the texture very much..kinda plasticky, and not in a good way. You could probably get better result using vinyl or oilcloth.

I'm really happy at how it turned out. It's definitely the best bag i've made so far. It was time-consuming to make but it was definitely worth it. It's also more costly after you add the costs of the designer fabrics and interfacings etc...but considering the exorbitant prices of diaper bags, it's still cheaper to make. My husband already requested a messenger bag for him too...hehe...


Anonymous said...

makin kuat impian aku nak belajar menjahit! tapi tatau mcmana nak start. delay day by day! another brilliant masterpiece from u! really love it.

p/s i sent u an email.

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

can i request one messenger bag too!
sgttt shanteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(not that im screaming but just cant express how cantek it isss!!!)

seryesly, do more of it and start selling it!

i already imagining one with polka dots pattern =)

Emmachann said...

hi Aida!

gorgeous bag..sukenyaa.. btw, I already had a baby & a sewing machine, but still, can't even sew a thing! kunun2 nak jadikan ko idola..haha

E`n1x said...

omg i want one!!!!!!
chantek 1000x

Ernie Khairina said...

(ok i lost my words! )
brilliant you! ni orang ke yg buat ni? bukan machine? =P

gorgeous and boleh je aku pakai bag ni jalan2, or gi kelas..

oh my..i love every inch of it, and love more the inside design, perfect!

chop,aku nampak 'AidaFiqs'
ok fine, secara rasminya - aku peminat ko, dot.

Unknown said...

aida, i'm your biggest fan!

Nurul Khairunie said...

worth admiration!

Anonymous said...

kewlness..corak n color kain agak girly

iL4na said...

aida im banging my head on the sewing machine. u make it sound soooo easy tapi i know its hard. wish u r here in KL boleh lah bersifu sket. love this bag btw. want one i blue n black boleh? ehehehe

aidafiqs adamia said...

got you sweet email..tq! teruskan semangat! tak sangka lak ko minat nak jahit..hehe..

this bag i'm quite confident to make again bcos i love it so much and it does have professional finish but since the cost of material is high i'm afraid to sell kang org tanak beli..

dah ade machine tu...ape lagi...jahit jer pape...hehe

thank you!hehe..

tulah aku suka bag ni sbb the style is very flexible. can chnage the mood just by changing the fabric. guys pun boleh pakai if i get the right fabric.

thank u!

thank u gak!

sejak dah tau nak dpt girl ni asik gila pink jer...hehe.nnt buat satu utk taufik cari kaler manly lak lah..hehe

only to start is hard lana. just don't give up ok? when i started i couldn't sew a straight line i swear! did u manage to pull up the bobbin thread?

Anonymous said...

awesome!! selalu read pasal fusible fleece but dont know where to find in JB or at least malaysia's online store. nak order from u-handbag mahal nak sampai sini.

cantik gilaaaaa la. mmg designer!

Anonymous said...

nak kena belajar menjahit ni..

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

nak menyampuk skit.
im in the same boat of few others yg kasi comment.

just like Mrs Fred, i have babies and already get my mom old machine fix...but yet i still cant do anything with it! Beria baiki the machine after seeing u sew one after another project but i'm still stuck here.

and like Lana said, u make it soo easy dear. i nk pasang benang pun dah bepeluh! hahaha

trying putting a price on the bag b4 making it. tgk ade tak org nak...since u say the cost is mahal. so letak price b4 buat ;)

eedachan said...

Aidaaaa.... the bag is so cantteeekkkk!!! jual laaa aida.. i might be one of your buyer... huhu..

you have a good prospect as a work from home business woman..

btw.. how is the baby in the bump?

apis585 said...

i really admire ur "lembuttgn" (compared to mine yg sgt keras). bestnya dpt turned ideas to tangible items.
yup u have the right to be soo proud. sgt cantekkk the bag!!!

yumyum said...


i have tonnes of project in my head n now ure adding another one in line! LOL.

maybe will do the charlie bag first.

thank you again you being such a motivation :D

btw i ada jumpa sewing supplies shop dekat seksyen 4 tambahan , is that ur uncle's yg u cakap dulu ?

yumyum said...

btw wahhh, ive never find fusible fleece here.tulah i tpk jugak takkan nak letak batting in between kang too thick jadi quilt pulak.
ke ada ek? takkan takde kot? have any info on that?

Unknown said...

dot,akupun suke sgt beg itu!! nak satu! pls..berapa harganye..nak sekali dgn changing diaper pad tu sekali with matching colors!! Arghh..sukenye sampai rase nak pengsan!!hehe..

p/s: good for u, turn ur sadness and worryness into something cool! keep it up dear!

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

aida, cantekkk ok..
nak tempah satu utk baby kite bulan 3 nih boleh?
series cantekk ok.

mye said...

aidaaaaa.....lawanya beg itu!!!!
i like it very much!!!
bestnya banyak fabric lawa2 kat sana.

rafiza said...

sgt cantik
kenapa aida jauh..
kalau kat msia, bolehler nak request..
jahit sendiri tak confident
mata mmg dah pakai speck
bila bab mesin jahit laju sgt rasa tek terkawal
tapi bila bab jahit tangan, sy sangat suka..

apapun, BRAVO aida azni zulkifli

Zaila Mohamad said...

sungguh cantik..u r soo talentedlah!!!

iL4na said...

no havent got the idea with the bobbin thread. nampak gaya kena tunggu my mom back from her trip boleh ler sifu ajar. but am also looking 4wd to ur video tutorial.

btw wat is a fusible fleece? haha dummies sungguh ok i. These all sounds alien to me! LOL.

aidafiqs adamia said...

i pun dulu cari kat msia tak jumpa..

anon, tq!

just pick one small project yg achievable. after that the projects will come rolling :)

insyaAllah...i'll think about it..the baby is doing great alhamdulillah..tq..

thank you :)

ye kot rasenye tulah kedai pakcik i...hehe..fusible fleece i tak penah jumpalah kat msia...u can try using thin batting, but you may have to quilt it a bit la kot before you assemble you bag?

ala...lom boleh jual lg la...hehe...bila duit pounds kali 6 jer semua bende jadi mahal..tu yg payah nak jual ke msia tu...

kak fatin pregnant ke???

some fabric i buy here, some i order online from us (cos actually cheaper dr beli kat sini). u can order online gak..

thank you

s thank you

aidafiqs adamia said...

here's the link to the video -

i put it up on youtube. hope that helps!

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

aah lah awak.. masa awk buat entry 22 weeks, kite mcm excited nak baby gak. sekali pregnent plak. skrg 19 weeks. alrayyan 15 months..

Fiza said...

OMG aida!! supper talented hot mummy okkkk ko!! enuf said.

Hada Masayu said...

aida!!!!!hebat bole tak????tetibe rase cm nak menjahit jgkla xla mcm apa yg o jahit kan, setakat jahit tepi kain lepas la kot, haha!!

Mysunshine cake said...

wow, i love the color.. memang cantik bag nie.. ^_^

btw, would appreciate your help to promote or join this giveaway & cloth diaper fund for Rumah Titian Ashraful Rohaniah.

I'm doing a giveaway contest to help RTAR buy CD for their babies. more info can be found in my blog.

thank you in advance.


Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

alaa.. cantiknyaaa! babe, seriously u shud sell it la. i agree ngan munirah. put up a price n see ppl beli tak. i might be one of ur buyers too! heeeee... ;D keep it up! :)

peri kesepian said...

best giler kak aida leh wat beg...
nntbiler dah blk kl ajar la mcm mner nk wat....

fatin said...

OMG!!!!!!!! this bag is exactly how i imagined!! was forever looking for one just like this!! Aida, make more n will definitey buy one from you!! pretty puhlezz with cherry on top!!

Melina said...

Lovely changing bag! You are definitely a talented mummy. I have a brand new sewing machine that I have yet to use as I haven't a clue :) As for changing bags I just buy them and my favourite are from Ju Ju Be. You should check them out and get inspired by them as I reckon you'd probably be able to match or even better their designs. Boleh gila I tell ya when you see their bags and the materials they use.


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