Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I had my 27 weeks check up last week. I also had my glucose tolerance test for diabetes which I was quite worried about – I’ve been eating way too much chocolates and sweets. I don’t know’s like a craving..everyday at least a bar of Sneakers..ugh…

Today I received a letter from the hospital saying that my glucose level is higher than the normal level and that they would like me to come in for another more thorough test at the diabetic centre to check whether I’ve developed diabetes in pregnancy. Oh no…I’m so worried…I was really hoping to have a smooth sailing pregnancy so that I can qualify for a natural birth at the Birth Centre at St Mary’s Hospital.

I’ve read so many negative comments about births at the normal maternity ward at the hospital. Awful treatments like pain meds wearing out in the middle of a c-sect (aww!), non-existent after-care… was really horrifying to read..not to mention the fact that Adam can’t come visit me and my husband can only stay during visiting hours and then I’ll be left alone with the baby. But the Birth Centre which is located 1 floor below the maternity ward received wonderful testimonials. They have birthing pool, calm cosy environment, single rooms with double beds and even a tv. The partners can stay overnight. Of course if God forbid anything goes wrong the maternity ward is just one level above so you can still opt to go for C-sect, or epidural if you need to. The birth centre only has 5 rooms for natural births with no painkillers etc..and to qualify you must have a no-complication pregnancy.So..this is what I’m worried about..if I have diabetes I don’t think I’ll qualify…sigh…

I’ve just called the Diabetes Centre and the next available appointment for the glucose tolerance test is 12th November..alamak lama lagi nak tunggu..the longer I wait the more I’ll worry..

On top of this I’m already worrying about leaving Adam with someone else while I’m at the hospital and my husband will be with me. Poor Adam…And then when we take the baby home, my husband will have to go back to work and I have no idea how I’m going to manage with a toddler and a newborn all by myself while trying to recuperate. I’ll have to do the cooking…chase Adam around as usual..I still have nightmares about my last confinement. It was a most painful experience I would rather not remember…yet that time I had a lot of help..

What will I do this time I don’t know…sigh….

Ok that’s a lot of whining in one entry…pls bear with me. I guess I’m just having a really bad day today after receiving that letter..


Unknown said...

dot, i really2 understand ur situation. Macam kat sini during confinement bole je bersenang lenang, mkn ade org hidangkan, baby ade org jaga. we just need to focus on getting well je. but like u there.. ohh..poor u dot.. if only i can come i will help u. at least to look after adam. I wish u find a good nanny. or perhaps aina and badiuz dah ade kat sane, leh tlg2 ko sket kan? hehe.. all the best dot!

i'll pray that everything will go smoothly as what u wish..

Ernie Khairina said...
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Ernie Khairina said...

dot,obviously i haven't had those experiences but;
1- the result is yet to come, so why worry too much? pray hard ok..dah jangan baca2 pasal yang buruk2
2- to manage ur kids must be a tedious business but, look how adam makes your day great, everyday!

be happy dot =) ko boleh punye!

Pial Khadilla Abdullah said...

Aida, Bile u due ni? if u dun mind, bole je i turun london n tolong tolong ape yg dpt ditolong. then adam u boleh main ngan adam i. :)

takpun, maybe anta dia nursery 2-3 times a week, from now to let him learn then at least bile u tgh confinement ull hv dat time with the newborn n be at peace knowing adam will have friends and learning under good hands.

aidafiqs adamia said...

tulah, nak jugak cari nanny utk adam at least skejap time confinement tu..tapi mahal la kat sini chun...

ok i try not to worry so much...

so sweet of you to offer..thank you! but i wouldn't want to trouble you..yes great idea about the nursery..i ade gak look around but so far expensivela..

tuty said...

aida, i had Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) during my 2nd pregnancy and pls do not worry too much about this. my gynae said, GDM mmg bahaya BUT it is the easiest to manage - compared to other complication. jgn risau ok about that. i believe if you could control your glucose level you could deliver at your preferred birthing centre - sbb glucose level dlm darah mcm org biasa, so your baby size is normal, the air ketuban tak byk sangat etc etc.

i had my glucose level checked several times a day but i had to admit that the pregnant woman who is GDM craves sweets and chocolates, lantas menjadikan level utk dikontrol tu agak susah. but you can make it controllable!!

hmm pasal takde org jaga u masa confinement tu, nnt boleh diusahakan lagi kan? :) try to find someone who could teman adam. seriously penat jaga diorg berdua takde org tolong masa confinement - i konon2 nak jaga sendiri dua2 but tak larat betul! ur husband could cook a simple meal for u before he leave to work - i know some guys did this.

sorry pjg sgt 'entry' kat comment box ni.

jgn risau ok? :)

Unknown said...

normal la tu when u had a sudden cravings on sweet food mesti gula naik..try to reduce the sugar intake and u'll find there's nothing serious by the time the next checkup.

and....aida..ajak mak ko dtg teman ko kat sana nanti la..for 2 weeks ke? i'm sure she still have a plenty of annual leave to waste:)

farah said...

hiya aida,

i s0o0o understand what you're talking about in the last part....i have to leave my hannah to a friend while i'm stuck in the hosp. delivering my 2nd make matter worst, it was slow progress so i have to overnight in the labor the end i asked my husband to go and stay with hannah, while i battled the labor alone...tsk tsk...feel free to accept any help, and if your mom can come and help for the first few weeks it'll be better.....i'm happy to help if you need anything just let me know......i was left to battle with a newborn and a toddler in less than 3 wks after'll be amazed to see how the toddler learn to adapt :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

i'm so glad you left that very helpful comment!i didn't know it's easy to control.also, it makes sense now why i've been craving sweets so much when you say it makes you crave even more when you have do you check ur glocuse level several times a day?

cikgu takde byk annual leave la fizah. lgpun, anybody from malaysia who comes to visit london wouldn't want to stay indoors taking care of a sick woman and 2 children-they'll only come here for vacation :)

where in london do you stay? here's my email -, email me..we should meet up sometime. i mmg takut if my labour progress slowly, mcm masa adam 24 hours in labour room..then kesian kat adam kene tinggal and i don't want to battle labour alone either!kesiannye you!

Anonymous said...

First, your husband should be entitled for paternity leaves, two weeks altogether. I suggest to use that for the first two weeks after.

Secondly, yes, must start looking for nursery, perhaps you can start sending him to nursery like even for 2 hours per day. Nanti when his age reach 2 years and 9 months (actually 3 years minimum, tapi ada tempat kalau 2 years and 9 months pun dah blh terima), he is entitled for a free pre-school for 12 1/2 hours per week. Jadi you only need to pay sekejap sebelum he reaches that age. Walaupun he's only out for 2 1/2 hours per day... at least you will have your own 'me time' and to get some rest. ambil lah session pagi, jadi your husband blh hantar, then, you can walk your baby out around 11.30 am to fetch adam. Kalau nak tahu lebih tanya midwife.

Your only worries, now is perhaps who's going to look after adam when you go to labour... mungkin cari nanny if you go to labour waktu mlm, utk beberapa jam selebihnya minta tlg kawan ke... doa sellau, mesti akan jumpa the solutions, insya-Allah.

But i believe kalau dpt bawa any family member/atau sesapa drp msia utk dtg, is the best solution. dia dtg nak jln2 pun, am sure they won't be kejam to leave you un-assisted. buat agreement siap2. win-win situation lah.


ibuhannah said...


My prayers are with you, Insyaallah, You'll be just fine. =) Take extra good care of yourself ok.

I heard that Vitamin D will help in reducing the effect of pregnancy diabetes. Cuba check. so, you just need to drink more milk, eat more cheese, salmon, tuna.. sounds delish to me... but check je dulu kay. My very best wishes for you...

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you for your advices..unfortunately my husband is only entitled to 1 day paternity leave! isn't that pathetic?dulu masa Adam pun sehari jelah dpt...klau nak tambah pakai annual leave.InsyaAllah i will look for nurseries to send heath visitor has given me some good choices..

cheese, salmon, tuna?? it does sound yummy huh? i had no idea...hehe...thank you!

Anonymous said...

i bought glucometer for that purpose, dari pharmacy. but in the mean time before your appointment, plan your meal. you could find hundreds of meal sample online. tak susah, serious.

the good thing about GDM is, you look good because you jaga mkn setiap benda. haha

kurangkan carbs, fats and sugar. kalau nak mkn carb pun, go for wholegrain, glucose breakdown lambat skit :)

the trickiest part would come later, masa dah nak full term where your body dah kurang efficient nak proses gula. i almost took insulin because i could not manage by glucose level - bad diet control.

take care aida!!

Anonymous said...

lupa nak ckp. less worry, senyum je selalu. nnt GDM lebih senang utk control. doktor ckp ok, i sampaikan je.


Zaila Mohamad said...

Take care Aida & rest well!!!

wee chen said...

Hi Aida,

It's been a while since i visited your blog!

Guess what, my 2nd bb (a gal too!) is due Feb 13, 2010; but gynae says most likely will be earlier. Hope so....cuz Feb 14 is Chinese New Year! :(

I am having terrible morning sickeness for this pregnancy.It gradually getting better after 6months.. Guess it's because i need to take care of my son (Born Dec 2007, 2 or 3 months younger than Adam? hahahha) by myself, plus cooking n cleaning etc....not to mention 100% pumped my breast milk to my son till i got pregnant! hahahah....

i'm 26 wks pregnant now; i might have the same problem as u: can't find help! the confinement lady will not work during Chinese New Year, so those 10 days are....i don't know, hopefully my hubby n my mom can cope with it... cross my finger!!!!

anyway, pls don't worry too much abt your diabetes. THe less u worry, the better it is! remember, mother's emotion will affect the baby inside ya.....

let's try to enjoy a happy pregnancy ya! :)

wee chen

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

ohh don't worry sgt pasal GDM. i had that when i reached 8 mth preggy with my baby. takde family history pun, tup2 i kene. oh well. juz control ur sugar intake. plus, i read somewhere yg 'jambu batu' can help to lower down ur glucose level. well, i did that. makan bykkk jambu batu, almost everyday. but not sure how to get that kt sana. heh.

btw, don't worry too much abt the labor ok. yes, i had GDM too but alhamdulillah i went thru quick labor & was lucky to have natural birth! no painkillers or whatsoever. so jgn risau sgt ok! u can do it momma!

take care... :)

myra said...

Hello Aida
Salam Singgah

I hope you dont mind if I link your posting to my community page on Facebook - Mothers with GDM Malaysia ( I joined another community page (Hospital Bersalin) and notice a lot of mothers due to lack of education becomes depressed and dont know what to do. I hope by sharing what you have written will tell them that it is not something they eat or did...its just a part and parcel of being pregnant sometimes


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