Sunday, October 4, 2009

I love fabric

Eversince I found out I'm having a girl, I've been having visions of roses and polka dot fabrics for Baby. Tanya Whelan, one of my favourite fabric designers, has the most gorgeous fabric collections with the most perfect roses and dots. I can just imagine Baby surrounded with all these lovelyness - her dresses, her bedcovers, her pillows, her quilt...

To start with, I made this -

Tried it out on Adam would be awesome to use it with a newborn later..


Ernie Khairina said...

i love roses =)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, baby boy. You're two years old today,
You have a personality, unique and all your own,
Your smile is so infectious, and you have no fear at all,
You have the biggest heart I know, although you're only small,
You are the apple of my eye, so I just want to say;
Happy Birthday, baby boy. You're two years old today!

Happy Birthday Adam Mikael!!!
Be a macho and very smart brother...
- Uncle Badiuz

Anonymous said...

happy birthday abang adam.

Unknown said...

happy birthday dadam!
aunty nak adam jd good boy and good bro to your little sist ok? muuaahhh..

altuty said...

cantik fabric! jual la jugak fabric cut kat etsy. nnt i beli :) lebih senang beli online dari pegi cari sendiri. haha

happy bday Adam.. nnt jaga baby baik2 ok?


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