Friday, January 15, 2010

4 days to go

Oh's amazing how 9 months seemed to fly by so fast...and yet these last few days seems to last forever...


I had a scan on Wednesday, baby is fine...she now weighs 2.8 kg..

This time I'm really hoping to go into labour spontaneously...want to feel the thrill of rushing to the hospital etc...hehe...with Adam didn't have that because I had a bloody show and was asked to come into the labour room for checking - turned out i was already having contractions that i didn't feel..


Ummu Umar said...

All the best dear:)

nanin said...

a'ah lah aida.. aku rase kau nyer pregnancy mcm cepat sgt (suke2 je kan)... hahaha..! anyway, good luck & semoga semuanya selamat!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The last few days are definitely the longest but so worth the loonnnnnnggggg wait. Little cute snuggly baby at the end of it with the lovely baby scent.

Good luck and hope all goes well. Make sure you get the hubs to update with a birth announcement if you can't. Lots of people waiting for your baby to arrive!

Oh try to rest up as much as you can before she arrives. Sleepless nights to come :P

kemaryahya said...

selamat lah hendaknye!
p/s : ko sgt best nak tambah 2 anak dah..huhu..

rOse said...


i wish u all the best on the coming labor. 2.8kg tu biasanya not really accurate bila sampai labor nanti. the wieght will be increased. but dnt worry so much la kan. seems u pun dh penah bersalin. the pain and joy are wonderful. not all women boleh rasa semua tu. kita yg dpt rasa sangatlah bersyukur.

iv been waiting and checking ur post day by day mana lah tau dh melotop. eheheheh..

just cant wait for the arrival of the cutie.

take care again.

my pray will be always there for u insyallah semuanya selamat. amin..

Ms J said...

gud lak aida...dpt bb london sorg..bestnyer!!!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to meet your baby M!

p/s: Hi to nanin's baby M too~


selipa_oren said... girl ko nnt same je besday dgn pishimen!! hari obama jadi presiden..haha

your first labor experience is same like mine!! i delivered on the same day i went for my check-up & xsakit pon rase contraction

Ernie Khairina said...

happy birthday..cant wait to see your cute babygirl (dan pakai baju2 yg ko jahit)

aida said...

cutie caliph,

ko pun rase cpt sgt eh?hehe..

thanks!insyaAllah will update as soon as possible if anything happens(tapi mcm takde signs pape pun ni...mcm lama lg jer...hehe)

cam tak caye dah nak 2 anak kan..hehe

masa adam pulak doc ckp 2.8 kg jugak tapi dia kuar 2.7 jer..tq for your prayers...


baby M is really making us wait huh..hehe

anak ko lahir 19 jan ke 20 jan?

harap2 muatla baju2 tu utk dia...

Kak Ryn said...

Aida, Happy Birthday! Makcik Nita byk kali pesan kat Kak Ryn, suruh wish bday kat Aida.. Haha..

and.. all the best! :) (ke dah bersalin masa kak ryn tulis ni?)

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you kak ryn..blom bersalin lagilah..hehe


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