Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mia's first dress and babywearing

Mia's been living in mostly sleepsuits and I thought it's time to try one of her dresses on her...this one is the smallest dress i actually fit her well, but i think that also means she will probably grow out of it in a blink..hehe..but you never know, it took Adam forever to grow out of his newborn far Mia has gained 100g (midwife came to weigh her yesterday)

enough pics of me, Mom! it's naptime...

she looks like an angel in a dress..i'm totally gonna have to make more dresses! hehe..

My Wrapsody stretchy wrap came in the mail a couple days ago! Oh the pattern is just to die for...

and it wraps like a dream! It's less stretchy than a Moby ( I ordered a Moby first, but didn't like the colour when it arrived so I exchanged it for this one, i'm so glad i did!) but that'll make it last longer...later when I can wear it outdoors i'll take more action pics..I am soo happy to start babywearing again! I can't start wearing Adam yet, but wearing a newborn is just...ahh..heavenly!

p/s: sorry the pictures aren't so pretty, i took them myself. today my husband took Adam to school to play..


Anonymous said...

i beg to differ, all the pictures are lovely.. and boleh tak rasa nak gomol2 je mia tu?? comel gile ok. period.
.. and you doesn't look like baru lepas beranak.. (walaupun nampak badan separuh je).. and aku pasti ramai ibu² yg jeles. hehe

Ernie Khairina said...

dot! (aku harap ko tak marah aku panggil ko dot kat sini) i bet everyone pun still remember the dress.lovely. aida, please i wanna have one too! rasa selesa gile dukung baby pakai tu..nak, mcamana?

Unknown said...

Mia's looking very alert already. She looks oh so snug in the Wrapsody. It looks lush! Where did you buy it from? Details please :) You tak nak ambik order ke for little girly dresses or conduct classes ke? My DD1 is so into dresses now and I can't sew and don't like what I see in the shops but love Mia's dresses. Can't wait for Mia's summer dresses as I'm sure they'll be super cute.

Hada Masayu said...

Aida, carrier tu sgt menarik!!!akupun sdg menggila skarng dgn babywearing, tetiba teringat mei tai carrier ko...aku merata cari on-line, tp yg mcm xseperti yg ko buat dulu..hehe...

aidafiqs adamia said...

gamba gelap dan separuh badan...part yg buruk2 tak nampak..hehe..

yes you must get a stretchy wrap ernie! dulu masa adam newborn aku taktau pasal babywearing lagi and stretchy ni sesuai utk giler pakai..from msia tak sure boleh beli tak...nnt aku cek k...lets chat bila2 boleh discuss in detail..

i bought it from slingjax. hargadlm 49 pounds i think.i do want to sell little girls dresses...but tak sure lg mcmana nak many kids do u have n how old are they?

aidafiqs adamia said...

best sgt wrap tu...tryla...mei tai lak dah lama xbuat...nnt pasni bolehla buat balik...hehe

Unknown said...

Haven't you got an Etsy store? Can't you sell youre dresses there?

Oh yes I know of Slingjax but it's been awhile since I last drooled at their products. I've got 2 little girls (15 months apart) aged 2 and 1 with another little one on the way (sometime in September not sure of EDD until I get my first scan....long story). Never used a wrap with either girls but would like to try with the next.

Anonymous said...

chantek chantek!! baby mia pakai dress cantiknya. wrap tu cantik nya..

betul la aida, tak nampak mcm lepas beranak pun.. belum 2minggu pun.. oh so jeles. btw, i put on weight bila dah start kerja, masa cuti pantang mmg turun gile2, pastu sampai skrg tak mau turun the extra 4kg. aiyaa.

wrap kalau pakai kat malaysia ok ke? im not babywearing so much for the 2nd baby. he doesn't enjoy it. so we had to bring the stroller everywhere. i thot every baby loves to be wear.

Aishah Megahasz said...

Inilah yang ditunggu2, babywearing picture. Mia tu cutela :D

Anonymous said...

Mia is so beautiful in her beautiful dress... itulah nikmat ada anak perempuan, blh pakaikan dress cantik2... :D

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

the entry ive been waiting for! Mia in the dresses u sew!!! =)

Anonymous said...

aida, baby mia looks just like you!!! cute baby, cute dress, wrap pon cute jugak!! -izza-

~Mommy ZuE~ said...

comeyyy nye mia!! geram tgk ke babywearing? huhu..xder byk info lah psl ni..feel like trying one laa when i give birth nnt..hehe

Ernie Khairina said...

aida, aku dh tgk website slingjax tuh.byk pilihan, taktau nk pilih.nnt chat ngan ko la! kalo hantar ke umah ko dulu, then ko tolong post mesia bole tak?

Anonymous said...


Get to see Baby Mia in dress. Cumel sangat! Tak sabar nak tengok Mia in other dresses and that small purple knitted cardigan tu. Ala comelnyaaaa... Booties yang comel itu juga.

Bestnya boleh wear newborn. I started to wear my baby pun dia dah 5 months. Masa tu baru dapat revelation. hehe! And most of the time dapat wear with shawl je. Sebab nak cepat. Tak dapat nak wrap.

I dont know why, if wrap, after 1 hour dia mesti nak struggle keluar. Kenapa ya?

Unknown said...

Mia comel gile!!pakai dress lak tu! isjh..geram rase nak cubit2 je.hehe..

dot, aku sed sket sbb xtau nape aku tak pandai la babywearing ni.. plus muizz pun asyik meronta2 je nak keluar (even he's just 3mo at that time). aku ade beli sling dulu tp pakai sekali je pastu simpan.and ade lak org kata kalo c-sect takleh angkat berat2 and lama.. tu yg terus tak pakai. nantila 2nd baby definitely will learn from u!

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

mia looks like she's gained i right? sbb pipi die nampak chubby. ok, mia cpt la besar. aida, good luck in having to be dalam pantang alone. i hope u get all the advice from your moms!

aidafiqs adamia said...

oh ya i do have an etsy store..hehe.i guess i'm scared to start pasal i tak pandai bab2 business ni..making excuses je :) congratulations on your pregnancy!!

i don't have a weighing machine at home so i have no idea whether i've lost/gained weight..ntah2 dah tambah kg lagi..haha..wrap kalau nak pakai kat msia cari yg thin sikitla..or pakai kat shopping mall kan..

thanks..lama tak dgr citer you..ape kaba?

anonymous, betul bab2 baju baby girl ni..hehe

hehe..nanti dia pakai dress yg lain2 i letak pics lagi..

add me on ym, username aidafiqs. must catch up with you! ko dah ade anak eh? i just saw hyra the other day..dia dtg london..

best sgt! yes you should try it..kalau nak more info boleh tgk kat

boleh2! ok nanti chat ok..

cardigans dia sume tak pakai lagi..sbb dia tak kluar rumah lagi..taktaula ye nape baby you nak kluar...maybe lain baby lain kot kan..

still not too late for you to wear him...ko pakai sling jenis ape? btw chun, aku dah dpt pillow! thank you so much!!!

yes, she gained 100g..midwife terkejut, dia expect baby lose weight first few days ni.but it's good, because it means she's feeding well. actually i'm not alone..taufik ada..nasib baik dia ade..

Anonymous said...

Dear Aida,
Menarik tgk wrap tu..Nanti buat entry mcm mana nak pakai boleh? Can u take picture of the wrap laid out?

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Aishah Megahasz said...

Aida, baik2 saja. Aishah pun baru dapat baby girl. So, Aidafiqs Buckle-Tai diperturunkanlah. Tapi tak test pakai lagi. Sekarang pakai Ring Sling & Pouch dulu. Wrap, sorry tak reti la....


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