Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gradation dyed silk indio

close enough to kiss
close enough to kiss

This wrap is originally a Didymos Silk Indio in natural colour. It is a mix of 70% cotton and 30% silk. The wrap has been gradation dyed by the mama who sold it to me. She named it hard candy because of the colours. It is about 4.2m long. It's a woven wrap, which means it's non-stretchy, unlike my purple Wrapsody.

A silk indio is said to be a must-have with a newborn because of its softness. When i received it the texture is not as soft as i expected it to be..i read that with a dyed silk indio, you will need to break it in post-dye before it becomes soft and marshmallow-y like it should. So right now I'm doing everything to break it in...sitting on it, braiding it, wearing it...right now it's drying in the guest bedroom..hopefully it'll soften up soon...but even right now i find it really great to wrap with...

first wrap job

i think this pic shows the colours of the wrap the best. It is pink on one rail, and bluish purple on the other end. In the middle there are shades of purple, green, yellow, peach and pink. It's absolutely stunning...i'm really falling in love with this wrap!


the carry that i'm doing is called a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) i think thats what its called..i'm stuck with this carry at the moment, it's most comfortable and easiest for a beginner..But i intend to learn other carries and i'll put up more photos if i succeed...

the mama who sold it to me included a silk indio scarf that was dyed in the same colours as my wrap. I was gonna use it as a normal winter scarf but....look at this:

i think it looks better on Adam, don't you??? hehehe...he's wearing Spongebob there..


Anonymous said...

gorgeous wraps! betul cantik. mcm marshmallow. hehe

adam comelnye pakaikan spongebob!

the wraps mesti mahalkan, hand-dyed, didymos lagi. but mesti worth of every single cent.

Unknown said...

adoi..nyumel nye dadam! it shows how lil' kids always tiru their parents right dot?haha..must beware now dot, he's watching everything single thing you do..

to adam,
u really made my day la syg..aunty tergelak gile tgk adam. btw, aunty loves spongebob too!

oopss..lupe lak, wrap itu sgt cantik! tp as usual, i don't have any idea at all on how you wrap mia in it. nanti kalo terasa nak tambah baby lg akan belajar dgn ko ok dot..

cutiecaliph said...

nanti leh tunjuk xcamne wrap mia guna wrap tuh?which one is better?the wrapsody or this one?

adam sgt cute dgn spongebob..hehe

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

adam cuteness!!!! nk chop adam tuk athirAh boleh..hihi

Anonymous said...

comelnya adam.

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

adam nak carry spongebob takpe, jangan die angkat Mia masuk kat dalam wrap die sudah..hehe

Hada Masayu said...

aida, i found it very difficult to wrap Adriana..several times try, tp aku pki xnampak kemas sgt..& bila dah unwrap, nak wrap balik takes time..aku suke jugak wrap sbb nmpak feminine hehe, tapi xtau the right & easiest way..any tips tak aida??

Ernie Khairina said...

aida, adam comel hihi..and please buat step by step how to wear that wrap. tq

Ina Hashim said...

salam ziarah...

comeynya baby...jemput ke blog akak..ada promosi Coolababy murah²

Ernie Khairina said...

eh lupa nak cakap..Mia's eyebrow macam ko punya la

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes, don't ask me what's the price. i must've gone momentarily crazy. bought when i was restless waiting for labour..hehe..but you're right, it was worth every cent!

yes it's kind of scary how fast he is absorbing everything we do!

cutie caliph,
i'm an amateur but insyaAllah will try to show how to wrap. this wrap dgn the Wrapsody totally different because wrapsody is a stretchy.stretchy wrap boleh pre-tie before masukkan baby so can pop baby in and out whenever. but it has a weight limit, big babies takleh pakai nnt sagging. woven wrap can use from birth until toddlerhood.both ade pro cons dia..

boleh2! athirah sgt2 lawa! hehe...

thank you!

tulah pasal...takut gak aku..haha

mmg lama nak blaja wrapping but with practice it will get easier. there are a million ways to tie a wrap. aku pun tgh blaja. btw, ko pakai wrap ape?

yes...nnt aku try buat video ke ek..


yeke??yay!aku tgk eyebrow dia nipis sgt masa baru lahir..tak rupe mine or dah nampak obvious sikit eyebrows dia..

Hada Masayu said...

aida, ada try wrap org lain punya time gathering..lupa nak tanya tapi kain dia mcm stretchy2 sket..sbb yg mcm ssh sket nak pki aku mcm was2 nak beli, tkt kang xpki pulak, hehe..

Anonymous said...

btw aida, you look very good berpantang away from family! kan dah ckp.. boleh buat :)

your face merah2, so confirm sihat! (what i mean, tak pucat). in fact, berseri2! both mia and adam mesti behave baekk punya.

farah said...

u are a natural at babywearing lah....just wanna tell you that there is sometime a babywearing mummies get together....called join if you have the time :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

mmg susah sikit nak learn tapi once dah boleh best!

acually my confinement this time complete opposite of what i expected it to be..alhamdulillah i feel good and healthy and happy...

i've joined slingmeet..but they don't seem to have regular meetings in london...

Unknown said...

wowwww.. sungguh comelss.. wrap itu dan juga adam... mcm syokkk je mia dok dlm wrap tu ekk... i dulu sangat takutttttttttttt nk masukkan my damia dalam wrap ke, mei tai ke... takut tersalah urat... hehahahhaha... kena belajar ni utk adik damia nanti...

Zaila Mohamad said...

Alahai comelnya Adam tu, by the way this is the first time i saw carry like that, chomel, next time i ada anak kecil bolehlah cuba;)

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