Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My children

some beautiful photographs of the kids that my husband took recently..

Mia Amani | 25 Days Old
my favourite photo of Mia. Why? that scarf she's wrapped in, has sentimental value for me. My husband (my friend, at the time) bought it for me as a gift in Venice, summer of 2003. That's when we fell in love :) hehehe....

Adam Mikhael | Mia Amani | Togetherness | Happy Moment
Adam playing basket with Mia...he was so busy arranging 'selimut' on Mia (using wipes) it was so hard to get him to look up..

Mia Amani | My Pride | Pureness
this shot looks so peaceful...and yet the photoshoot couldn't be more chaotic! hahaha...Adam was around my legs buat kecoh..and then climbing up trying to pull down the black background fabric..had to shoot with me standing up (so that Adam cannot reach me) so my hand lenguh..then Mia gerak2 takut dia slip...takut dia pee (diaperless) , takut mia sejuk..wah macam2 going on..hehe...but the result was beautiful..

Pure Love | It's Moment Like This That Always Keeps Me Going In My Life
Mia started to fuss and cry..then Adam leaned forward and kissed her..oh..that boy really melts my heart..

p/s: thinking about that scarf, i remembered something. Arwah Reza was there when he bought me the scarf. I remember Reza asking ' Aida, ko beli scarf? Kenapa Taufik yg bayar???' with a cheeky suspicious look on his face (friends didn't know at the time that 'something' was going on between us). I can't believe he's gone...he was a really good for Arwah please...


Anonymous said...


all the pics are adorable..

Wiera said...

MashaAllah...they are sooo adorable esp. when Adam kissed Mia :)


Unknown said... usual, brilliant pics. mia elok pulak redha je duk lam bakul tu dan diselimut2kan oleh dadam ek? hehe..cute!


Ernie Khairina said...

eh risau pula aku tengok bakul tu kot2 terjatuh.
Brilliant pics..comelnya Mia hmmm bau dia mesti best!

al fatihah.

~Mommy ZuE~ said...

Aida!!! d pics are amazingly adorable! hehe comeyyyy sgt n nicely captured too! leh buat bisnes photography lak ni along with ur handmade crafts... hehe

nanin said...

betullah maisun ckp, mia mcm redha ajer diperlakukan mcm tu!! hahaha.. my baby won't tahan for 5 seconds in that kind of position. pandai big bro adam mengawal keadaan!

.small shoes. said...

Hi Aida,

U have really wonderful and cute babies!!!


mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

love the photos!
wah fell in love in venice, perfect love story ever aight!


The Hilmans said...

gambar kids dalam bakul tu memang nampak old gambar our parents time dorang muda2 dulu...kaler dia...


yumyum said...

owh these photos are lovely! i definitely love adam n mia retro-effect pic. muat2 je dua2 org.hihi

btw Al-fatihah for arwah.

Unknown said...


aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you..

kak wiera,
he does that a lot :)

masa yg adam kiss tu dia dah start boringler dok dlm tu...tu yg adam pujuk kiss dia...

aku pun diri tepi tu takut jatuh gak...tapi adma insisted nak main atas meja tu jugak...

i'm always telling him to venture into photography...tapi dia shy2..hehe..

adam pandia pujuk..and mia sgt idolise abg dia..

small shoes,
thank you!

well it was a cheapo backpacker style holiday, we were students and skint..but you're right it was perfect :)

a'ah my husband purposely edited the tones..

muat2 tu yg takut tu...takut mia kene lenyek..hehe..

thank you...

Anonymous said...

comelnya adam and mia.I really love the first pic!!so adorable~~Paling comel mata mia bulat.he3


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