Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Newborn back carry

I have been trying to do back carries with Mia, but this is my only successful attempt so far (after many unsuccessful attempts). This carry is called a Rucksack Carry. With newborn it's harder because you need to have the head supported and their body is so small it's hard to reach back there. Mia doesn't like it when i'm wrapping the fabric around..she will cry or wiggle..but once i'm done wrapping she will fall asleep, everytime! i swear this wrap has magic sleepy dusts!

View from the front. I did what is called a Tibetan Tie on the front. I think new breastfeeding mommies with enhanced chest area will definitely appreciate this because the tails sort of cover your front..(pls excuse the weird tudung ikat and pyjamas, had to just grab tudung on and take pics because who knows when i'll be able to do another back carry successfully!)

here's the money shot - lovely sleeping baby, safe and sound on Mommy's back!


Ernie Khairina said...

aida, cane nk tau how to ikat2? ke mengikut creativity ? I remember my aunts (very long time ago) semua pun pakai this kind of kain/carry2
and ouh yes, sebelum aku baca 'Tibetan tie' tu, mmg aku terfikir something/name from there pun, hehe..Because you look like chinese+indian (tibet la) woman by wearing it. Nama dia sgt sesuai!
Last but not least..bile nk ajar step by step?

aidafiqs adamia said...

ade byk cara nak wrap, you can look up the instructions online. check out this website for example- can use your creativity too, wrapping is very flexible. nnt aku dah confident sikit aku buat video tutorial ok?

Papa, Mama & Azra said...

I suka la baca ur entries about baby's wearing...inspiring betol sampai I pon cuba2 carry my Azra dalam kain batik...she enjoyed it walaupon mamanya tak day nanti, I nak start juga wearing my Azra...cutest aksesori kan?

Ernie Khairina said...

thanks! dah tengok the website =)

hilmi zulkifli said...

klong..rucksack tu perkataan jermen..means backpack

aidafiqs adamia said...

you can totally use kain baik tu wear your baby!

menarik tak?

la yeke..tapi mmg byk wraps yg popular semua dtg dr german. klong punya wrap ni pun (brand Didymos) is a GSW (german style wrap). GSW mmg very popular and sought after...

Fedyeu said...

omggg!!!! last pic is soooo schweettt.. love it so much!

Anonymous said...

aida,what really attracts my attention is all the colors that u put together in the pics really suits your skin color laaa....u look really sweet....the mother n daughter mmg both pinkish gurls laaa..

Unknown said...

wwooowowow!! sungguh berani lah you!

Unknown said...

dot! comelnye mia tido. memula yg 1st pic tu aku cam risau je tgk mia mcm tersepit je. tp tgk pic die tido tu nmpk sungguh selesa. hehe..will definitely learn from u for my second baby! insyaAllah..

~Mommy ZuE~ said...

u both look so lovely and adorable..hehe..i think mia looks more like taufik..hehe

Anonymous said...

Baru dapat tgk wrap ni upclose.
Sangat cantik!!! Mommy and Baby pun cantik. :D

I pakai Rucksack Carry everytime nak masak je. Sebab bile carry lama2 kain tuh jadi gerak2. Sebab stretchy and material beli sendiri. So bila Maryam gerak-gerak, kain kat belakang pun shift ikut Maryam.

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

takut je tiba2 terikat tak kuat,bole jatuh ke baby?

aidafiqs adamia said...

sedap kan tgk dia tido...hehe

hehe i didn't put together the colours intentionally but tibe2 pyjamas tu pulak matching dgn wrap yer? hehe..they are my favourite colours though...(look at the colours of my blog)

i used to back carry Adam a lot so i have some idea how to do it. it's just harder because she's so small..

tulah aku soh taufik check byk kali jugak positioning dia ok tak...

yeke..tak ramai org ckp dia muka taufik...hehe

wah you buat wrap sendiri ke? yes i pun tgh nak blaja back carry so that i boleh masak, buat housework and hug/hold adam (sbb front dah free) while wearing mia..

if you know the right techniques it shouldn't happen. the fabric is so grippy that even if you tie a single knot (instead of a double knot) ikatan dia takkan terlerai by itself. also, the fabric is wrapped around your body such that you can feel your baby's every move. so if the baby or the fabric shifts at any point, you'll feel it and can tighten up if you need to.

Anonymous said...

I think u look beautiful in that shirt and scarf.hehehe.

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

awak, kite tk penah pakai wrap lagi.
penah pakai yg sling ngan soft structured carier je.
mcm best je try baby baru nanti. sure senang sleep, kite pun leh rest sekali.. but nk belaja lagi on how to wrap.. dah search kat msia yg jual wrap. mahal gak 200 plus.


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