Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Canterbury and Leeds Castle

More pics as promised from our short trip last weekend;

We went to Canterbury, about 10 mins drive from Great Field Farm. Here's my husband enjoying a traditional fish and chips in paper was delish too..and you know i love seeing my man babywearing :)

canterbury is a small town with little pedestrian streets and charming little kind of town.. i love how babywearing allows us to walk holding hands even with two kids in tow..(ni iklan babywearing ke ape....)

i love this shot! thanks bang..he saw this wall and he immediately told me ' yang2 ni cantik..berdiri kat sini'. and he was right..

After Canterbury we went to Leeds's a HUGE area as it turns out..and absolutely breathtaking beautiful..

it was a very sunny day...almost as though it was already summer..

adam was so adorable when taking this photo. i was changing mia's diaper and adam was hanging out in the flowers saying ' dok sini' and 'smile'. Even now as i'm typing this he saw the photo and said the same words :)

Adam was trying to sniff the flowers..haha...

oh we had an awesome day trip :) alhamdulillah...


Ernie Khairina said...

aida boleh tak tetibe ko dah ade dua? can't wait mine which i secretly buy 2 pcs romper thru blogshop (sebab laki aku tak kasi beli2 lagi)

haa baru nampak mia berjaga, adam..adorable as forever!
cantik2 gambar, congrats taufik hehe

i love castles and pedestrian streets!

Melina said...

I used to go to school in Canterbury as we lived in Herne Bay about half an hour away. Haven't been back in almost 18 years! Eekkkkk. Nampak sangat dah tua. LOL!

hilmi said...

tak panas ke klong pakai coat..taufik selambe je pakai t

Papa, Mama & Azra said...

semua gambar cantik dan adam sangat cute okay!

aidafiqs adamia said...

tulah kan..tetibe je aku ade did that happen??

you went to school in Canterbury?? nape tak pegi!

the day before kat farm tu sejuk gile..bwkla coat takut sejuk..tibe2 panas giler..taufik pulak terlupa bwk jaket terus..

aidafiqs adamia said...

azra, thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh..the view is so so gorgeous, lucky for you!

The pic with Adam and the flowers tu cantik sangatttt!


Melina said...

Yup, I went to the local Grammar school, Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls for my 6th form. Living 4 years in the country side put me off going there to visit. Dulu2 cinema ada satu the roundabout before entering the city walls. So kecik that if you lambat sikit tickets habis. It is quite nice I suppose and should get the hubs to take us there.

fatin said...

ooooooooooohhhh.. u make me just wana go there like now now now!!!

i can feel that u guys really had soo much fun!

Munie said...

hi kak

u're so blessed. ur kids are MashaAllah so beautiful :)

oh im just another random bloghopper. i like reading ur blog abt ur babies and the babywearing thing..

Munie ;)

nanin yg nak sgt travel said...

aida! cantik nya gamba2 nie....! ahh..kan best kalau leh lompat masuk doraemon nyer mesin yg boleh bwk travel g sane dlm sekelip mata pastu balik sini balik! (ataupun mesin buat duit so that all of us boleh g holiday kat sane whenever we want to?) :D

aidafiqs adamia said...

alhamdulillah..and mmg cantik sgt tmpt yg ade flowers tmpt adam duduk tu...

you should. it's really lovely would know. and also, i think we should meet up..what do you think?

tq..yes we did have fun :)

thank you for hopping by :)

poket doremon??heheheh...jomla nanin...dtg.

Melina said...

Yes, we should meet up. But I'm still in KL at the moment. Was supposed to fly back on the 15th but the volcanic ash cloud happened and now the earliest we can get back is the 6th! Nasib balik rumah mak kan.

SlingMeMama said...

aida, ur hubby pakai carrier apa? nak sorok eh? disclose la skit...hehehe

penyisir rambut said...

hai assalamualaikum...
hehhehe...saje je google pasal babywear..
kat malysia baru je femes lately ni..
lets spread babywear love..


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